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  1. Cornell 1200W Hair Dryer CHD-E1201W
    Special Price RM51.00 Regular Price RM61.00
  2. Philips DryCare Hair Dryer PLP-HP8108
    80% of 100
    Special Price RM49.00 Regular Price RM59.00
  3. Panasonic Hair Dryer PSN-EHND11
    Special Price RM58.00 Regular Price RM65.00
  4. Panasonic Hair Dryer PSN-EHNA45
    Special Price RM368.00 Regular Price RM399.00
  5. Philips StyleCare Multi-Styler PLP-BHH811
    Special Price RM179.00 Regular Price RM199.00
  6. Panasonic Hair Styler PSN-EHKA11
    Special Price RM105.00 Regular Price RM109.00
  7. Panasonic Hair Styler PSN-EHKA31
    Special Price RM134.00 Regular Price RM139.00
  8. Panasonic Hair Straightener and Curler EHHV21K
    Special Price RM209.00 Regular Price RM224.00
  9. Panasonic Hair Straightener And Curler EH-HV11P Pink
    Special Price RM135.00 Regular Price RM142.00
  10. Panasonic Hair Dryer EHND12 PSN-EHND12
    78% of 100
    Special Price RM72.00 Regular Price RM75.00
  11. Panasonic Styling Brush Iron PSN-EHHT40
    Special Price RM205.00 Regular Price RM214.00
  12. Panasonic Hair Straightener and Curler EHHV52K
    Special Price RM282.00 Regular Price RM292.00

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