Introduction to S-Coin

Welcome to the world of S-Coin, a dynamic rewards program exclusively designed for the loyal members of the PlusOne® Loyalty Programme by Senheng. Perfect for tech enthusiasts, home appliance gurus, or savvy shoppers, S-Coin offers a rewarding experience that complements your shopping journey, especially on specially labeled products.

Earning S-Coin: A Special Opportunity

Earning S-Coin is linked to specific promotions and labeled products at Senheng or senQ showrooms, and through the official website and app. It's a special opportunity to gain more from your purchases. Not every purchase earns S-Coins, but those that do enhance the value of your shopping.

why do you need to
collect s-coin?

As Good as Cash

Collect as much as you want and use them to pay for your purchases with us!

MORE Ways To Earn!

Purchase any of our electronic products with the S-Coin label from our Senheng website, Senheng outlets, or on our Senheng app!

MORE Than Electronics!

Your S-Coin can also be earned on selected lifestyle products or services on our Senheng App! It pays to be a PlusOne member!

S-Coin Value: More Than Just Points

Every 100 S-Coins is equivalent to RM1.00, making it easy to understand the value of your rewards.

For illustrative purpose

For instance, consider this product priced at RM 2,588.00 with a 20% S-Coin cashback offer. By purchasing this product, you earn 517.6 S-Coins.

How does this work? Well, 20% of 2,588.00 equals 517.60, and since every 100 S-Coins is worth RM1.00, you effectively receive 517.6 S-Coins, amounting to RM 5.176.

These reward points can then contribute to savings on your next purchase at Senheng. Remember, S-Coins are reward points and not a digital currency, and they cannot be converted to cash.

3 easy steps to
earn s-coins

step 1

Register as our PlusOne Member.

step 2

Choose and purchase your desired products with S-Coin label from our Senheng official website, Senheng APP or any of our Senheng outlets nationwide.

step 3

S-Coin will be credited to your S-Coin account via Senheng App automatically within 24 hours and you can redeem it at our Senheng outlets nationwide for your next purchase.

Redemption: Making the Most of Your S-Coins

Redeeming your S-Coins is just as rewarding as earning them. There are certain limits and locations for redemption:

  • Redemption Limits: For PlusOne Classic members, redemption is limited to a minimum of RM25 and a maximum of RM100 per transaction. PlusOne Gold members can redeem up to RM200 per week. Basic members need to upgrade their membership to redeem S-Coins.
  • Redemption Locations: You can redeem your S-Coins at any Senheng or senQ showroom. Note that redemption is not available through Senheng/senQ e-Commerce platforms.

how to
redeem your s-coin?

step 1

Head to your nearest showroom.

step 2

Pick your desired product!

step 3

Redeem up to RM100 S-Coin weekly without any mininum purchase*

S-Coin Cashback

Conclusion: A Rewarding Journey with S-Coin

The S-Coin rewards program is a unique way for PlusOne members to get more from their purchases at Senheng. Keep an eye out for special promotions to maximize your benefits and start enjoying your S-Coin rewards today!

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About S-Coins

  1. How do I earn S-Coins?

    You can earn S-Coins by purchasing specific labeled products or under certain promotions at Senheng or senQ showrooms, as well as through our official website and app. This flexibility allows you to accumulate S-Coins through various shopping channels.

  2. Can I earn S-Coins on any purchase?

    S-Coins are earned on purchases with specific labels or promotions.

  3. What is the value of S-Coins?

    100 S-Coins equal to RM1.00.

  4. How is the S-Coin amount calculated?

    The amount of S-Coins you earn depends on specific promotional offers at Senheng.

    For example, if a product priced at RM 2,588.00 has a 20% S-Coin cashback offer, the calculation would be:

    • Determine the points earned through the cashback offer: RM2,588.00 × 20% = 517.60 points.
    • Convert these points into monetary value. Since every 100 points is equivalent to RM1.00, 517.60 points convert to a monetary value of RM5.176.
    This means, with the 20% S-Coin cashback offer on a purchase of RM 2,588.00, you would effectively earn S-Coins worth RM 5.176 to use on your next purchase at Senheng.

  5. What are the redemption limits for S-Coins?

    Redemption limits vary by membership type, with a minimum of RM25 and a maximum of RM100 per transaction for Classic members, and up to RM200 per week for Gold members.

  6. Where S-Coins can be redeemed?

    S-Coins can currently be redeemed at Senheng and senQ showrooms nationwide. We’re working on enabling redemptions through the official website and the app soon.

  7. Are S-Coins transferable?

    No, S-Coins are not transferable.

  8. What is the expiration period for S-Coins?

    S-Coins remain valid for 24 months from the date of issuance.

  9. Can S-Coins be used with other offers?

    Yes, in most cases, they can be combined with other vouchers or offers.

  10. What happens to S-Coins if I return a product?

    Earned S-Coins for that purchase will be deducted from your account.

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