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JIMMY is a brand under KingClean Electric Ltd. The Name KingClean comes from the phrase “King of Clean”. KingClean is dedicated to creating cleaning and household products that allow their customers live a more eco-friendly life.

KingClean was founded in 1994 and has been a leader in the environmental cleaning industry ever since. For the past 15 years KingClean has been considered one of the world’s largest vacuum cleaner manufacturers; and we have produced more than 10 million vacuums and 4 million environmental/kitchen appliances annually. On top of that, we sell and operate in over 100 countries and regions.

We at KingClean adhere to the business philosophy of “Creating value for customers”, and do so by continually driving technological innovations. KingClean has over 700 R&D engineers with specialties ranging from industrial design, mechanical, electrical, software development and much more. KingClean develops approximately 100 new products and applies for 200 patents each year. Currently we own over 1300 patents, 20 of which are high-tech innovations that continually offer sustainable growth.

KingClean is also one of the largest R&D manufacturers for high-speed motors in China. We own core technology used to create 40,000RPM high speed rectifier motors and 100,000RPM high speed digital motor. We even have developed automobile motors that have been appraised as “Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

KingClean has established a vertical integration system of supply chain including high-speed motor, precision mould, precision die casting and processing, precision injection and battery pack production.

Our goal is to continue to create high-quality cost effective products and to continually seek new business opportunities with professionals around the world.

Price Now RM820
Rating Power(W) 425W
Voltage(V) 21.6V
Power Settings 2
Run time W/O Electric Brush 45 mins
Run time W/Electric Brush 35 mins
Suction Power (AW) 125AW
Suction Pressure (Kpa) 20
Dust Capacity (L) 0.5L
Price Now RM860
Rating Power(W) 400W
Voltage(V) 21.6V
Power Settings 2
Run time W/O Electric Brush 45 mins
Run time W/Electric Brush 30 mins
Suction Power (AW) 125AW
Suction Pressure (Kpa) 17
Dust Capacity (L) 0.5L
RCP RM1390
Price Now RM1290
Rating Power(W) 500W
Voltage(V) 28.8V
Power Settings 3
Run time W/O Electric Brush 70 mins
Run time W/Electric Brush 45 mins
Suction Power (AW) 145AW
Suction Pressure (Kpa) 22
Dust Capacity (L) 0.5L

JIMMY Vacuum Comparison

Specification JV53 Lite JV51 JV65
RCP RM939 RM989 RM1390
Price Now RM820 RM860 RM1290
Rating Power(W) 425W 400W 500W
Voltage(V) 21.6V 21.6V 28.8V
Power Settings 2 2 3
Run time W/O Electric Brush 45 mins 45 mins 70 mins
Run time W/Electric Brush 35 mins 30 mins 45 mins
Suction Power(AW) 125AW 125AW 145AW
Suction Pressure (Kpa) 20 17 21
Dust Capacity (L) 0.5L 0.5L 0.5L

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  • By participating in the Campaign and with every purchase of JIMMY products at Senheng.com.my, customer will be entitled for one unit (1) of Belkin BOOSTUP 2-Ports USB Swivel Charger F8M102SA. This JIMMY Launching Promo is first come, first served basis (limited to first 100 customers) and while stocks last.
  • Duration:
    • The Campaign will run from 1st March 2021, 12:00:00 to 31th March 2021, 23:59:59. Senheng reserves the right to shorten, extend or cancel the Campaign Period without prior notice.
  • Eligibility:
    • The Promotion is open to all Malaysian Citizens of 18 years old and above (as at 27th Jan 2021 with Malaysia Identity Card; except Senheng’s employees (and their immediate families), its related agencies, retailers and dealers.
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  • FAQs:
    • P1 Benefit:
      • (P1 - EXTRA 1 YEAR WARRANTY) How can I enjoy extra 1 year warranty?
      • New Member = You need to sign up for our P1 membership (here) and pay a membership fee of RM12. Upon successful sign up, login to your account and start to make the purchase in order to ensure that your first sales entitles for the Extra 1 Year Warranty.
      • Existing Member = You need to ensure that you login to your account and start to make purchase in order to ensure that your purchase entitles for the Extra 1 Year Warranty.
    • Warranty:
      • What is the warranty for this JIMMY Launch Pormo?
      • Non P1 member = Customer who is non P1 member will only entitle 1-year main motor warranty (except JV65 is 2-years), 1-year warranty on electric brush, 6 months warranty on rechargeable battery and 1-year warranty on others electrical components.
      • P1 member = Customer who is already an active P1 member will enjoy extra 1-year warranty for electronic and mechanical failure.
      • No warranty for accessories and consumable parts such as brush, filter, crevice, dusting brush, dust case, power adaptor and etc.

      • After purchasing the first sales and receiving my device, how do I activate the warranty?
      • The warranty of the device will start after the order has been invoiced and as of when the device has been activated.
    • Others:
      • (VCARE) What is VCARE?
      • VCare is an optional extended warranty provided by Senheng for our P1 members. The extended warranty cover an additional 2 years on top of all warranty stated above, meaning a total of 4 years warranty coverage for JIMMY vacuum. However, P1 members are required to purchase VCare in order to extend the warranty during purchase.

      • (VCARE) During store pick-up, can I purchase V-Care for JIMMY vacuum?
      • Yes you can, however during your purchase, you need to ensure that you login to your P1 account to make the purchase. Any P1 sign-up during store pick-up, benefits will not be extended to the purchase. Same applies on V-Care purchase.