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  • Q1: What is PlusOne Connect
  • A: Co-branded Prepaid product by Digi & Senheng that comes with S-Coin, deals and more.
  • Q2: Where will it be available?
  • A: The starter pack will only be available exclusively at Senheng & senQ Stores nationwide.
  • Q3: When will it be available?
  • A: It will be available in all Senheng & senQ stores starting from 7 October, 2020.
  • Q4: What is S-Coin?
  • A: S-Coin is a rewards scheme and part of our loyalty program that exclusively for our PlusOne members.
  • Q5: Does a subscriber need to have another app to check their S-Coin Cashback?
  • A: Yes, subscriber will need to have PlusOne membership (if not yet a member, subscriber can sign-up in store). Subsequently, subscriber can download Senheng app, login and check their points. The S-Coin Cashback from PlusOne Connect usage will be updated every 15th of every month.
  • Q6: Is there a preloaded value in the SIM/starter pack?
  • A: No. Senheng staff will assist customers to make a reload & activate one of the plan. Value will only be based on the plan that a customer subscribed to via the app.
  • Q7: What are the reload methods?
  • A: Subscriber can use these methods through the tapp app:
    • Reload using Digi Vouchers (purchase from Senheng / senQ stores / Digi stores )
    • Reload via online banking
    • Reload via Credit Card
  • Q8: Can a customer port in to PlusOne Connect?
  • A: MNP is currently not supported.
  • Q9: Which plan comes with extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) upon subscription?
  • A: All 30-day plan (RM28, RM35, RM50 & RM70) come with extra 10GB (1pm-7pm). The 30-day plan will come with extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) each time a customer subscribe to it (up to 10 times / 100GB).

    Example: Customer A

    ( Month-1 )
    • Subscribe to 30-day plan RM28 [6GB + Unlimited calls (PlusOne member) + Unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]
    • Customer A will unlock extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) once.
    ( Month-2 )
    • Subscribe to 30-day plan RM50 [12GB + Unlimited Calls (all networks) + Unlimited Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]
    • Customer will unlock extra 10GB (1pm-7pm) once.

    So now, Customer A has a balance of 9 times to subscribe to a 30-day RM28/RM50 plan respectively that comes with extra 10GB (1pm-7pm). Customer A will still have a balance of 10 times to subscribe to a 30-day RM35/RM70 plan respectively that comes with extra 10GB (1pm-7pm).

    For telecommunications services related support : https://tapp.my/help-and-support/

PlusOne Connect Usage Terms & Conditions

  • This PlusOne Connect shall be offered by Digi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. (“Digi”) via tapp where tapp is a stand-alone service platform currently operated and owned by Digi.
  • The Subscriber is entitled to redeem the additional 10GB (1pm-7pm) up to a maximum of 10 times or 100GB if the Subscriber subscribes to any of the All 30-days Plan (RM28, RM35, RM50 & RM70).
  • The 10% + 10% Mobile Usage Cashback is exclusive for the Subscriber subscribed to this PlusOne Connect, however, only domestic voice calls, domestic Short Messaging Service (SMS), domestic data usage in Malaysia are included in the computation for the 10% + 10% Mobile Usage Cashback.
  • The additional 5% + 5% Reload Cashback is exclusive for the Subscriber subscribed to this PlusOne Connect and has performed a “reload” activity at any of Senheng and senQ nationwide offline stores. For the avoidance of doubt, the Subscriber will not be entitled to the 5% + 5% Reload Cashback if the Subscriber performs the “reload” activity via any other means.
  • By subscribing to this PlusOne Connect, the Subscriber hereby acknowledges and agrees that the Subscriber understands the terms and conditions stated herein as well as the other terms and conditions as follows:-
  • Digi shall not be responsible in any way in the event the Subscriber's subscription was activated by a third party without his/her consent. Digi shall not refund nor compensate the Subscriber in any manner whatsoever in such situations.
  • This mobile service is provided on an "as is" basis and Digi does not guarantee or warrant that there shall be no disruptions, defects or errors in the usage provided by this subscription and/or its offers. Digi shall not be responsible in any way whatsoever for the loss incurred directly or indirectly for such failure or any disruptions associated to the network in any way whatsoever.
  • Digi reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these terms and conditions of this PlusOne Connect, including but not limited to any feature for this PlusOne Connect from time to time without prior notice to the Subscribers as it deems fit. Continued use of this subscription and/or service following any changes to these terms and conditions constitutes an acceptance to those changes (if any). The Subscriber is advised to visit this page periodically to review the terms and conditions.

S-Coin Cashback Terms & Conditions

  1. All applicants for PlusOne®️ Loyalty Programme will be automatically entitled for S-Coin, except for PlusOne Corporate membership. Each NRIC is allowed to register for one S-Coin Account only.
  2. Every 100 S-Coin is equivalent to One Ringgit Malaysia (RM1.00). The rate may be subjected to change due to unforeseen economic circumstances, which will be announced by Senheng prior to change.
  3. The amount of S-Coin accumulated will be recorded in each account holder’s S-Coin Account. When an account holder wishes to redeem a number of S-Coin, the said number of S-Coin will be deducted from the balance last recorded in the S-Coin Account, with the oldest S-Coin earned being deducted first.
  4. Any S-Coin which is not used by the account holder within 24 months from the date of issue will automatically expire, and be deducted from the S-Coin Account. In the event of any discrepancies, the records from Senheng as to the account holder’s balance of S-Coin will be final and binding.
  5. The manner and number of ways in which S-Coin may be earned shall be determined by Senheng from time to time at its absolute discretion.
  6. Any taxes applicable on S-Coin, e-vouchers or services in connection with the S-Coin Programme will be the responsibility of the account holder.
  7. S-Coin is NOT convertible to cash.
  8. S-Coin can be used as an optional payment mode, and shall only be used to redeem electrical products such as home appliances, TV, audio and digital gadget from Senheng outlets nationwide and senQ Digital Station nationwide.
  9. S-Coin CANNOT be used to pay bills, reload prepaid plans, purchase gift cards and/or pay for purchases made on Senheng and senQ online stores.
  10. Account holder(s) must accumulate a minimum of 2,500 (equivalent to RM25) S-Coin to be eligible to redeem and/or make payment, with a maximum redemption of 10,000 (equivalent to RM100) S-Coin per redemption transactions.
  11. All account holders redeeming S-Coin are REQUIRED to be present and to present their IC for verification.
  12. PlusOne members (Classic/e-Classic/Lady/AEON/Citi/Lazada) can redeem multiple times with a total of RM100 per week, redemption is limited to a minimum of RM25 and a maximum of RM100 per transaction until the total of RM100 is used up.
  13. PlusOne Gold membership (Gold/Lady Gold/ AEON Gold/ AEON Lady Gold) can redeem a total of RM200 per week, redemption is limited to a minimum of RM25 and a maximum of RM100 per transaction until the total of RM200 is used up.
  14. If an account holder is found to be abusing, permitting the abuse, and/or breaching of the Terms & Conditions herein, Senheng reserves the absolute right and discretion to suspend the account and/or remove or suspend the S-Coin accumulated without prior notice.
  15. Account holder(s) can choose to leave the Programme at any time. By leaving the Programme, account holder(s) waive the right to any S-Coin that already accrued or issued.
  16. All decisions by Senheng are final, conclusive and binding. No correspondence or claims shall be entertained.
  17. Senheng reserves the right to change, modify and/or amend the Terms & Conditions here in at any time without prior notice.

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