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  1. Trade in only available at nationwide Senheng / Senheng Mobile / senQ offline store.
  2. Not all products are eligible for trade-in. Eligible trade-in devices will be announced on or before 31st of the month before the effective month.
  3. Eligible Smartphone or Tablet PC or smartwatch for trade-in will only be accepted if it fulfils the all the stated criteria.
  4. Trade-in value will be based on the monthly trade-in price sent by HP2 with proper assessment on device condition, subject to the Terms and Conditions stated below:
    • The value provided in the list are indicative, for devices that are fully functional without physical damage whatsoever. Value will differ if there is any physical or functional damage identified, or when market value of the device fluctuates. The accurate value of the trade-in device will be determined after assessment using CompAsia’s SmartExchange App in-store.
    • The SmartExchange App shall compute and provide a quotation through a series of automated tests, user-assisted tests and user-declared conditions. The actual trade-in value quotation shall be computed according to the types and quantity of defects found. During the device inspection by sales staff, should the sales staff find any mismatch between actual and declared condition of the device, a revised trade-in value will be offered.
    • If Customer is agreeable with the revised trade-in value, the trade-in transaction shall be completed with this revised trade-in value. Otherwise, the device will be returned to customer without any charges/payment.
    • Personal device lock (PIN, passcode, fingerprint, facial) and accounts (iCloud, Find my iPhone, Google, Samsung, Huawei) must be removed before the trade-in of device happens. Any locked device will not be accepted.
    • Selected trade-in devices are eligible for an additional top-up value (overtrade), which will increase the trade-in value of the device. Customer can bring the device to Participating Outlets to confirm the trade in value of the device.
  5. The Trade-in payment will be in the form of Voucher – “Trade-in Voucher” (TIV).
  6. Trade-in Voucher is not exchangeable for cash.
  7. Trade-in Voucher cannot be transferred to a third party and can only be redeemed by the respective trade-in customer only.
  8. Trade-in Voucher is valid for use on the same day of trade-in only. Expired voucher will be void and not renewable.
  9. Trade-in Voucher is redeemable for the purchase of Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop / Smartwatch available. No refund for purchases of products less than the voucher value / amount.
  10. If purchase value of the products exceeds the trade-in voucher value / amount the difference in amount shall be borne by the purchaser.
  11. S-Coin Cashback Entitlement:
    • Trade in and purchase item (Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop / Smartwatch) value total worth RM2000 and below, get RM50 worth of S-Coin Cashback.
    • Trade in and purchase item (Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop / Smartwatch) value total worth in between RM2001 to RM3999, get worth of RM100 S-Coin Cashback.
    • Trade in and purchase item (Smartphone / Tablet / Laptop / Smartwatch) value total worth RM4000 and above, get worth of RM200 S-Coin Cashback.
    • S-Coin Cashback will credit to customer P1 account in 7 working days from invoice date.
  12. Customer is responsible to ensure all the data in the trade-in devices are erased or wiped and; any other parties are not liable for data in the phone/tablet (if any).
  13. Customer must be at least 18 years of age with a valid Identity Card.
  14. Customer MUST acknowledge that the traded-in device is not a stolen property and he or she is the owner of the said device.
  15. SENHENG or CompAsia reserves the right to refuse any trade-in for any reason.
  16. SENHENG or CompAsia reserves the right to change or revise all the terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  17. Senheng or CompAsia may collect consumers information including personal information in the Trade-in Vouchers and any other forms (whether on our own or by appointed service provider) taken during the Campaign.
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The Top 10 Trade-in Devices (February 2024)

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Terms & Conditions for Trade-in Value

  1. Price provided are for devices that is fully functional with no physical damage (Flawless).
  2. If there are any physical or functional damage identified, prices will be deducted accordingly to the SmartExchange App.
  3. The above trade-in prices are only valid until 29 February 2024 & is subject to any changes with a 24 hours notice by CompAsia

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