SOBA 2020
SOBA 2020

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) is now advancing in its 11th year, to honour local non-public listed organisations that have led the way with excellent business principles, ethics and practices.

With the awards won in recognition of our ongoing efforts in many aspects of our business, they are the testaments of our high achievements! We do hope that this will serve as a benchmark for many others to emulate our success.

A heartfelt thank you to our management, our business partners and most important our customers, for being part of our journey of success.

awards winning categories

Malaysian Business of the Year Award

Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Best in Marketing, Platinum Award

Best Brand, Platinum Award

Best Green Initiative, Silver Award

Best Employer, Platinum Award

Best Innovation, Platinum Award

Best Use of Technology, Platinum Award

Best in Retail, Platinum Award

Best in Customer Service, Platinum Award

SOBA 2020
SOBA 2020
SOBA 2020
SOBA 2020
SOBA 2020

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