Panasonic Ultra Filtration Alkaline Ionizer PSN-TKAS700

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Generates 7 kinds of water: 4 levels alkaline, purified, 2 levels acidic
4-stage filtration
Advanced water purification
6000 L of clear water with 1 cartridge
Compact and flat design

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Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

Alkaline Ionized Water for a Healthier Stomach

OThe effect alkaline ionized water has on improving gastrointestinal symptoms has been approved under the regulations of the Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act).

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

Safe with Stable pH

Clinical trials have not confirmed whether alkaline ionized water with a pH of more than 10 is safe to drink. However, when the water flow volume is low, excessive electrolysis of the water can cause the pH to exceed 10. With the TKAS700, optimal detection of water flow volume and water quality ensures the stable generation of safe alkaline ionized water with a pH of less than 10.

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

A Worry-free Life Starts with Safe, Clean Water

For baby milk, taking medicine, washing food, etc., safe, clean water is needed by everyone every day. Thorough water purification lets you enjoy a worry-free life.

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

For Washing Your Face and Washing Dishes

Weak acidic water has nearly the same pH as skin, so it’s gentle on the skin. You are recommended to wash your face with it every day. Acidic water is effective at removing tea stains, and so is ideal for washing dishes.

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

Removes 19 Harmful Substances

While keeping minerals such as calcium that don’t need to be removed, the filter removes 19 harmful substances as per the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS S3201, such as chlorine, chloroform, and iron.

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

4-stage Purification System

The filters are made of four kinds of materials with different sized holes: Non-woven fabric, ceramic, activated carbon, and an Ultra Filtration type hollow fiber membrane.

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

Removes Virus Particles Just 10 nm in Size

Most viruses are 100 nm or less in size, so they can‘t be removed by a conventional MF type membrane. Since the UF membrane is 10 to 100 times finer than an MF membrane, it can remove viruses in addition to bacteria.

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

We Use NSF42 Certified Activated Carbon

Activated carbon (APG-05TGA 60/200 manufactured by Kuraray Chemical Co.,Ltd.) used in this product is tested and certificated by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only. (Check Date: 2022.6.1)

Panasonic Alkaline Ionizer

6000 L of Clear Water with Just 1 Cartridge

Just one cartridge can purify around 6,000 L of water. The cartridge can last for a whole year even when purifying 15 L of water a day, reducing the time and effort spent on cartridge replacements. Eliminating the need to purchase bottled water can not only save money, but it can also help to reduce waste from plastic and glass bottles disposal.


General Specifications

Rated voltage, frequency, input current

220-240 V ~ , 50 Hz, 0.65 A

Rated power consumption

Approx. 130 W (approx. 1 W during standby)


Approx. 180(W) × 115(D) × 328(H) mm(Depth including LCD display: 123 mm)


Approx. 3.8 kg (approx. 4.3 kg when full of water)

Temperature of water used by Alkaline Ionizer

Under 35 °C (under 80 °C for bypass selector)

Pressure of water used by Alkaline Ionizer (dynamic pressure)

70 kPa to 350 kPa

Usable water service pressure (static pressure)

70 kPa to 750 kPa

Purified water output volume

1.6 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure]

Filtration flow volume

1.6 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure] (Note 2)

Cartridge Installed In the unit


Filter material

Non-woven fabric, ceramic, activated carbon, hollow fiber membrane

Components which cannot be filtered out

Iron dissolved in water, heavy metals (silver, copper, etc.), salt (seawater)

Length of power cord

Approx. 3 m

Power protection device

Current fuse: 2.5 A


Electrolysis method

Continuous electrolysis

Output water volume (flow of water produced)

Alkaline water : 1.5 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure] (“Standard” mode)Weak acidic water : 1.3 L/min. [at 100 kPa water pressure]

Electrolysis capability selection

Alkaline: 4 levels; weak acidic: 2 levels

Continuous operation capability

Approx. 10 minutes at room temperature (Note 1)

Electrolyzer life

Approx. 850 hours cumulative(ion water production time, cleaning time only)

Electrolytic cleaning

Auto cleaning method

Purification Capacity

Free residual chlorine

6000 L (Note 2,3)


6000 L (Note 2, 4)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)

Total trihalomethane

6000 L (Note 2, 5)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)

CAT (pesticide)

6000 L (Note 2, 3)

2-MIB (mold smell)

6000 L (Note 2, 3)

Soluble lead

6000 L (Note 2, 3)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)


6000 L (Note 2, 5)

Geosmin (mold smell)

6000 L (Note 2, 3)


6000 L (Note 2, 3)

Carbon tetrachloride

6000 L (Note 2, 6)

Removable substances

Iron (particulate form)

Can be removed (Note 7)

Aluminium (neutral)

Can be removed (Note 7)

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