Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

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Long Lasting Clear Water of 4000L
Removes 17 Substances and Bacteria
Plenty of Features for Easy Use

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Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

Enjoy Clear Water and Save Money with Just 1 Cartridge

MicroClear4000 cartridge can purify 4,000 L of tap water. With this, you can replace and save money for 4,000 of 1 L plastic bottles a year. If you use 10 L per day, the cartridge can last for one year, so you don’t have to replace the cartridge so often.

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

4-stage Filtration Removes 17 Substances and Bacteria

(1) Mesh removes visible red rust and dirt. (2) High performance activated carbon removes 13 types of impurities contained in water. (3) Ceramic removes soluble lead contained in water. (4) Hollow fibre membrane removes bacteria and small particles. * Image is for illustrative purposes only

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

99.999% of Bacteria Are Removed

4-stage water purification system eliminates 99.999% of bacteria and was verified by the Japan Food Research Laboratories. *In a general bacteria elimination test performed at the Japan Food Research Laboratories with a cartridge used in a Panasonic product. Tested bacteria: Brevundimonas diminuta

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

Increased High Performance Activated Carbon 170%*!

The MicroClear4000 cartridge contains 51 g, 170%* of high performance activated carbon which is made from our unique technology. This delivers high purification performance and longer cartridge life. * In weight compared with PJ-225R

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

The LCD Shows You the Exact Time to Replace the Cartridge

Each time you turn off the water, the remaining usable capacity will be displayed. * TK-CJ600 Only

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

Easy Water Flow Switch

Easy Water Flow Switch. The water flow can be switched with a simple operation. Pictograms reduce switching mistakes.

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

Easy to Clean Detachable Cover of Tap Water Outlet

The shower part where water stains tend to clog is removable, it can be easily cleaned at any time.

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

Easy Cartridge Replacement

Cartridge replacement is completed in just 2 easy steps. Rotate the cartridge counter-clockwise and pull to remove it, then do the opposite to install.

Panasonic On Tap Water Purifier PSN-TKCJ600

Purified Water Output Volume 1.8 L / min

With an output of 1.8 L / min*, you can always use clean water without stress. * When water pressure is 100 kPa



Product name


Dimensions (width x depth x height)

135 mm (W) x 120 mm (D) x 75 mm (H)


Approx. 310 g (Approx. 450 g when full of water)

Water temperature when using the main unit

Purified Water : Under 35 °C (Unpurified/shower : Under 80 °C)

Minimum usable dynamic water pressure

70 kPa

Filtration flow volume

1.8 L / min [At water pressure 100 kPa]

Cartridge installed in the unit



Purification capacity

Free residual chlorine

4000 L *1


4000 L *2

Total trihalomethane

4000 L *1


4000 L *1


4000 L *1


4000 L *1


4000 L *1


4000 L *1

CAT (pesticide)

4000 L *1

2-MIB (mold smell)

4000 L *1

Soluble lead

4000 L *1


4000 L *1

Geosmin (mold smell)

4000 L *1


4000 L *1

Carbon tetrachloride

4000 L *3

Removable substances

Iron (particulate form)

Can be removed. *4

Aluminum (neutral)

Can be removed. *4

Replacement timing guideline for the filter (cartridge)

Approx. 1 year (10 L of purified water used a day) [Approx. 6 months (20 L of purified water used a day)] *5

Type of material used

ABS resin

Filter material

Non-woven fabric filter, Activated carbon, Ceramic, Hollow fiber membrane

Components which cannot be filtered out

Iron dissolved in water, heavy metals (silver, copper, etc.), salt (seawater)

More Information
Product Width (cm) 9
Product Height (cm) 15
Product Weight (kg) 0.5
Brand Panasonic