9.9 Promotion 2020

5 reasons why you should definitely shop from senheng 9.9

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Well whaddya know, it’s that time of year and month again. Quite literally EVERYONE is doing the 9.9 shopping sale with gifts and promo; the usual routine. So why us? What are we bringing to the table that separates us from the rest?

Reason #01

10 participating brands

Shopping Bags

The whole gang’s here. This would no doubt put the Avengers to shame with the best brand crossover there is! Note that these are not just faceless brands as they are all well-known with reputable acclaims for their products and devices.

Brands that are assembling this 9.9 are:-

Pretty stacked right? It’s pretty rare for so many brands to get together in one single event so take this opportunity to join the shopping army and pick your poison out of these 10 exciting brands!

Reason #02

Discount Up to 80%

Shopping vouchers

Yes, we know discounts are a norm amongst shopping pros and amateurs alike but rarely do we see physical and tangible products going up to 80%! Sure, digital goods like Steam games and streaming services like Netflix can frequently have large chunks of price cuts which are a luxury that physical goods can rarely enjoy.

We did say “rarely", meaning it’s not impossible, and that rare moment is finally here! Our 9.9 shopping campaign sees up to 80% in a huge variety of products from the aforementioned brands. Can you imagine an 80% discount for items hailing from Samsung or Apple? Just the thought of it is insane!

Reason #03

Brand Vouchers with RM50 OFF

Shopping vouchers

The discounts are good, now pair it up with brand vouchers that further decrease the price of your items; it’s a match made in heaven! That said, there are only a couple of brands that are applicable to these brand vouchers. Brands include:-

Hand in hand, they’re a shopping force to be reckoned with; a force that you and you alone own!

Reason #04

Extra 1-year warranty

Extra 1 Year Warranty

While there is no denying that not all products are perfect, we humbly accept the fact that some products can occasionally have manufacturer’s defects. Putting that in mind, our services safeguard the best interests of our customers and our PlusOne members can get an extra 1-year warranty (on top of the manufacturer’s warranty) for items priced above RM 100.

It might seem negligible at first but an extra year of protection goes a long way, especially for “premium” items like fridges and smartphones.

Reason #05

Instalment that pays off

Shopping with Instalment

Are some items overpriced? Maybe, but sometimes the value you’re getting out of the item is worth every penny. Reality is harsh, the value of the product doesn’t change the fact that the item is expensive, and to many, paying the full-price in an instant is financially brutal.

Our in-house Easy Payment Plan features a 0% interest-free instalment plan for up to 36 months for our selected items. So if you found any items that strike your fancy this 9.9, just go ahead and plan your payment easily with us.

This 9.9 sale is currently ongoing and is only available until the 9th of September so be sure to shop now while the promo stands.

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