A TV for Entertainment AND Gaming? Here’s 6 Things to Look For!

Entertainment has changed a lot since we were a child, especially for TVs! We game on it, we watch our favourite shows on it, and these days, we even use it to consume our favourite Youtube channels too! Not to forget, if you have a family now with teenage children, you will definitely share the family TV with them, plugging in their favourite gaming consoles from Nintendo Switch or even the Playstation 5.

But the main focus of this article today is to talk about suitable TVs that are great for gaming and general entertainment for your fam. How can you tell if a TV is suitable for gaming consumption? We will share the things that you should consider when purchasing one that's great for both!

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is the number of times that a screen refreshes the image displayed per second. Most TVs have 60HZ as their default Refresh Rate but this is considered low or entry-level for the monitor side. It is important to have a high refresh rate to ensure that the image displayed is captured smoothly on screen without hiccups or screen tears. In the past, TVs are not equipped with high refresh rates but nowadays all of it has changed with more demanding media consumption.  

However, not everyone is required to have a higher 90HZ or even 120HZ refresh rate on their monitors as it all depends on your preferences. Some people are used to the normal and slower refresh rate of the 60HZ that it may be jarring to them to witness the higher refresh rate screens. So remember to choose one that is according to what your family need!


Response Time

Response Time is how fast a pixel can change from one colour to another one. The faster the response time, the better the performance. This is especially important for quick-moving objects situations like watching football or playing video games. A slow Response Time may lead to excessive motion blurring which may affect the overall experience, so make sure to try out the TV too before buying!

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High Dynamic Range (HDR)

If you are someone who values immersiveness, look out for HDR when considering future TV as it is important for colour reproduction and a more diverse level of darkness and brightness. Unlike 4K resolution which is only effective on larger screen sizes (45” above), any TV size is going to have a noticeable change that will make you appreciate the addition of HDR to your screens.





The difference between a QLED and an OLED TV is another topic altogether, but let us try to sum it up for you guys.

A QLED TV, or Quantum Light-Emitting Diode, means that the TV uses an LED backlight that projects onto a quantum dot layer. This process results in greater brightness and more accurate colour, and have a considerable advantage when it comes to brightness. The LED backlights can be made incredibly bright — more than bright enough to be seen clearly in even the most brightly lit rooms.

An OLED TV, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode, means that every single individual pixel in an OLED panel is a teeny-tiny LED light, producing both light and colour together. Therefore, it is capable of disabling individual pixels, in addition to not using a backlight, unlike QLED TV. As a result, images are super detailed and clean, with a higher contrast as well as deep blacks that will give the immersive experience that many crave.

So, which one is it going to be? It really depends on the lifestyle you are having. If your family and you prefer to watch TV in brightly lit rooms, a QLED might be a preferred choice. However, if you enjoy a cinematic experience that promises true, deep blacks and contrasts, an OLED wins the game!



Input Lag

This is very important if you are considering purchasing your TV for dedicated gaming time for the kids! To put it basically, input lag is the delay between an action and the image being displayed on the TV. It’s better to have a low amount of input lag, as too much input lag can make it almost unplayable.

But hey, TV technology has improved so much these days, that most are equipped for gaming! So remember to always ask the staff before purchasing, or read about the TV that you chose online!



Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution is the capability of how many pixels the TV can emit. The standard nowadays is usually set to 1080p also known as Full HD, as this is the most common resolution that a TV could have in the market as of now. However, with the improvement in TV technology, 4K or 2160p  is more widespread now.

The ultimate resolution as of today is known as 8K or 4320p, can only be found on certain screens, but, a 4K TV works just fine! You may notice that you can now watch your favourite shows on Youtube in 4K UHD quality, because the YouTube app on eligible Smart TVs or Android TVs will allow you to watch just that! Just remember that it requires a speedy internet connection to do so.




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