Breathing 101: 5 Quick Tips for Better Air

Fun Fact: You can’t breathe correctly while smiling.

Just kidding! Made you smile :)

All jokes aside, did you know that air quality actually has a direct impact on your health? For example, if you breathe in polluted air particles, the pollutants can get into your lungs, bloodstream and eventually the brain. What happens then? Severe health problems like asthma, cardiovascular diseases and cancer may occur! Hence, it’s always important to maintain good air quality around your home.

But how can you improve air quality at home, especially during the MCO where viruses and pollutants abound? Here are a few quick and natural tips that you can try!


1. Open a Window

Improve air circulation by opening your windows, even if for five minutes! This is the cheapest and easiest method to help any accumulated air pollutants escape out.


2. Get Houseplants

If you are looking to get houseplants, then you would be thrilled to know that they do not just serve as decorations, as they actually help with filtering out volatile compounds such as benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide! Other house plants that you can consider include but are not limited to spider plant, snake plant and dragon tree!


3. Use Essential Oils

Whip out that essential oil! Fun fact: aside from serving as a natural house deodorizer, some essential oils like tea tree oil have antibacterial properties while eucalyptus and lavender helps get rid of dust mites!


4. Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Take your shoes off. This is important so you don’t bring any of those yucky things back home like pesticides, bacteria or faeces (yikes) that may still be on the bottom of your shoes. This simple gesture can help keep the air as well as your floor clean!


5. Groom Your Fur Babies

If you are a pet owner, make sure to keep your fur babies groomed! Ideally, you would want to minimize as much dander (pet’s skin cells) as possible as they can contribute to asthma-like symptoms and possibly exacerbate it if you have it already.


But if you want to take things up a notch, you could always get an air purifier. The benefits of an air purifier are abundant! The list is non-exhaustive and include:

  • Eliminating allergens like mold, bacteria, animal allergens and insect remains etc.
  • Increasing air quality to help those with respiratory problems breathe better.
  • Eliminating odors from tobacco, food or pets etc.
  • Keeping your environment fresh! When you frequently “renew” or clean the air around you, it will feel cooler and less “heavy”.


That's It! 5 Easy Tips You Can Follow!

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