The Niu Normal: 5 Auspicious CNY Recipes to Make Far From HomeThe Niu Normal: 5 Auspicious CNY Recipes to Make Far From Home

The Niu Normal: 5 Auspicious CNY Recipes to Make Far From Home

One of the highlights of CNY is THE reunion dinner. It’s a special meal where relatives from near and far will gather at one table, to eat a meal together once a year.


While this year’s CNY might be a little different, we would want this annual dinner to be nothing less than ordinary.


Today, we’ll walk you through some of the easy CNY recipes that you can try on your own! The ingredients are always easy to find on supermarket shelves, so it’s okay if you’re cooking up a storm last minute!

Longevity Noodles Longevity Noodles

1. Longevity Noodles

Eating noodles signifies a long life, as well as prosperity and good luck. Therefore, if you’re having a reunion dinner with your housemates, this is one dish that is always a good idea! Dried Chinese egg noodles, or yee mein, usually do not need pre-soaking too, making this dish one of the easier CNY dish to prepare!

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Chap ChaiChap Chai

2. Chap Chai

Mixed vegetables are always a staple in any Chinese dinner, and it isn’t different during reunion dinners too! This dish is usually comprised of seasonal vegetables, so use different kinds of vegetables for an absolutely delicious dish that’s full of flavor and texture! 

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Steamed FishSteamed Fish

3. Steamed Fish

The Chinese saying 年年有鱼/余  (every year there’s fish) is a pun that there will always be a surplus of good fortune and happiness. Therefore, a fish-based dish is a MUST to most CNY reunion dinner. Here’s how you can prep one without much hassle!

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Air-fry Crab Stick SnackAir-fry Crab Stick Snack

4. Air-fry Crab Stick Snack

There are just so many snacks that we love to enjoy during CNY, and it is really difficult for us to pick one as our favourite! So, we’ve decided to go for a classic that is both easy to make and delicious!

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No-churn Black Sesame Ice Cream No-churn Black Sesame Ice Cream

5. No-churn Black Sesame Ice Cream

This might come as a surprise or a wild card, especially when compared to the above dishes. The reason we chose this dessert is because most of us won’t be able travel back home and we might be limited to the kitchen appliances that we have.


Therefore we think it’s the best dessert to have right after your reunion dinner!

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We feel for our readers and customers that are not able to travel back for this year’s reunion dinner. That said, we wish you peeps the best of health, and may these small recipes help you with your CNY cooking!