6 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas6 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

6 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Picture this: you’re supposed to wrap the present for your friend’s Christmas gathering, but you realised you don’t have any gift wrapping paper left! But there’s no need to head towards your nearest stationery store. Get inspiration from our suggestions, find leftover craft materials around your house, and let the inner creative child in you shine!

Decorate with NatureDecorate with Nature

1. Decorate with Nature

A cleverly place sprig of greenery with twine will immediately make an elegant DIY! First, wrap your gift in inexpensive craft paper. Source cypress leaves from your own backyard, or fragrant herbs such as rosemary for an elegant look, and tie it with twine.


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Candy CanesCandy Canes

2. Candy Canes

It’s a sweet holiday embellishment that will take your gift-giving up a notch! First, wrap your gift in sugar paper. Then tie your candy cane or any other seasonal candies to your gift with twine.


It’s a good gift-wrapping idea when you’re giving away kitchen appliances, like a coffee-maker! Search for yours here.

Pom PomsPom Poms

3. Pom Poms

Add a quirky touch to any box with pom-poms, or even create Rudolph! Get a big red pom-pom as the reindeer’s nose, and then cut out two eyes from black sugar paper. Finally, add some twigs from the backyard as the antler. Put them together, and you will have Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer!


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A FuroshikiA Furoshiki

4. A Furoshiki

If your friend loves Japanese culture, wrapping up your gift in a furoshiki is a great idea! They are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, traditionally used to transport gifts. There are a lot of tutorials online on how to use them, and it’s reusable too!


If you’re gifting something small like, like mobiles and tablets, they can we wrapped up using this way! Search for the perfect mobile and tablets to gift to your loved one here.

DIY Gift BagsDIY Gift Bags

5. DIY Gift Bags

You have plain brown paper bags at home? Take some acrylic paint and paint festive patterns on them! White looks amazing on brown, so draw some Christmas trees with snow on your bags, and paint them in white!


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6. Ornament

You only have some plain packaging at home? Grab some ribbons and seal the deal with a festive ornament. A wooden cutout of an angel is perfect, and they’ll reach out to hang on their tree, year after year!


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