Smart TV and Android TV: 3 Defining DifferencesSmart TV and Android TV: 3 Defining Differences

Smart TV and Android TV: 3 Defining Differences

Previously we’ve discussed on the best TV size you should get for an optimal viewing experience, but there are still other features that users should take note of when purchasing their new TV.


And as AI tech has recently been integrating itself to common appliances, TVs are one of the many appliances that have benefited from it.


Currently, the AI TV market is being dominated by both the Smart TV and the Android TV, and it is a common question to ask about their differences and how it can affect the user experience.

The Operating SystemThe Operating System

The Operating System

As its name goes, an Android TV uses the Android operating system whereas a Smart TV is dependent on its manufacturer.


For the Android OS, the interface and functions will work like your usual Android phone with access to the Google Play Store to download apps and other functionalities.


And for the Smart TVs, its OS is usually well-prepared with the necessary apps native to its brand. So, if you’re someone who prefers things prepped and ready for you then a Smart TV might be up your alley!

The Choices of ApplicationsThe Choices of Applications

The Choices of Applications

This is one of the stronger points of the Android TV. As mentioned, the Android TV utilizes the Google Play Store which meant that every app on the store will be available for the Android TV.


On the other hand, the Smart TV will have preset applications that fits with the operating system’s ecosystem.

Ease of AccessEase of Access

Ease of Access

While the Android TV does boast a large collection of app choices, its user interface isn’t exactly that intuitive when compared to its Smart TV counterpart.


This is because the Smart TV has most things pre-built, the system requires less tinkering. Of course, you can still enjoy the Android TV and its features as it is, but you might not fully utilize the full potential of an Android TV!

Which Should You Opt For?Which Should You Opt For?

Which Should You Opt For?

Our suggestion to our readers is that those who are not tech-savvy or do not have the time and effort to set up their TV should go for the Smart TV as the apps and all are readily available.


Plus, the updates to the system are few and far between which means that users won’t have to trouble themselves in updating its firmware.


However, if you are someone who is familiar in using an Android operating system or a frequent user of the Google Play Store, we would then recommend opting for the Android TV instead.


This is because, the Android TV offers a lot more when it comes to apps its user experience is defined by how good or familiar is with the Android ecosystem. And if you are one, there is no doubt the Android TV is the one for you!