Black Friday: What are the best gifts you can get for your loved ones!

The 10-10’s and the 11-11’s are informal online shopping events that only came into existence these few years. But let us talk about something more traditional, an event that has stuck with us even before online shopping was a thing.

What is Black Friday?

Technically, Malaysia doesn’t really celebrate Black Friday per se, but then again, Black Friday isn’t an official ‘celebration’. To be more precise, Black Friday is a shopping event that helps one to prep for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. While this event is prominently done offline, the digital boom has allowed it to make its way into online stores as well.

For most people, especially in the States, this event is probably the biggest shopping event of the year as it covers a wide range of products packed with crazily generous deals. Conveniently held at the epilogue of the year, Black Friday is the biggest window of opportunity for us to get something for our loved ones or even something to reward ourselves for all the hard work we’ve committed throughout the year.

Hence, this begs the question, what are the best gifts we can get this Black Friday?

Coffee Makers

"Never trust anyone who doesn't drink coffee” AJ Lee

We know there are a TON of coffee-lovers in Malaysia. Café hoppers, Instagrammers and influencers all source their photos with coffee pics in luxurious posh cafes. The thing is, with Malaysia’s horrid state of traffic, many of us would want to have a warm and delicious coffee at the comfort of our home.

Well, a perfect celebration has to include a perfect coffee experience right? Sipping on coffee after having an awesome dinner with your family is surreal. Modern coffee makers are now professionally built that are designed to churn out mouth-watering coffee of the highest quality. Nespresso has fielded a wide range of coffee makers that are both aesthetically eye-pleasing with features/functionalities that are geared for the best.

Never settle for anything less than coffee perfection.

trade in


“Television is chewing gum for the eyes” Frank Lloyd Wright

Sony has just recently announced the launching of the Playstation 5 that is set somewhere in the year 2020. Rumour has it that the PS5 is capable of going up to 8k in resolution; the games you play are essentially so realistic that every action or emotions you commit would almost be palpable.

Movies and TV shows are also moving towards this direction, as technology improves, so does the entertainment industry. That being said, without a TV that supports the following resolution, all of it would seem pointless. You wouldn’t want your family to watch a Christmas flick on something so subpar right?

Sony and Samsung are not only renowned for their consoles and phones, but they have also expanded their products to the visual world. Their TVs support a variety of sizes that can fit perfectly in any household’s living room.

Trust us; you will definitely see a HUGE difference when you change from your average-rated TV to a 4K/8K TV. It will be an eye-opener!


“My laptop has freed me to travel” Steven Pinker

So far we’ve covered only about the things that involve our family and togetherness. It’s not a bad thing of course, but won’t you want something for yourself to end the year with or to start the year with?

What we suggest is a brand new work buddy! Freshen things up! Give yourself an edge over your work assignments and college works! Yeah, it is super common for older laptops to crash and malfunction at the worst time, we’ve all experienced it. Hence, what we suggest is something that is convenient yet powerful and reliable in its performance.

Microsoft has been on a hot streak of producing world-class quality laptops throughout the years. Their Surface products have been innovative and inventive with many students and businessperson finding it ideal for work purposes.

Other notable brands include the likes of Acer that possess a solid catalogue of laptop choices if you want something more stable and user-friendly.

Speakers and Sound bars

“If it sounds right, it is right” Joe Meek

Now that’s music to the ears! Earlier we mentioned about the importance of having an awesome TV, now let us meet its partner in crime, the sound system! Santa Claus would be frustrated if you and your family are blasting out low-quality version of Jingle Bells. Yew!

We wouldn’t want you to torture your ears this coming Christmas, so what we highly recommend is something from LG and Sony that features sound bars that chants the most immaculate voices.

Combine it with an equally as good TV, what you have would be a homemade theatre of dreams. You and your family, lying on the couch savouring on freshly brewed coffee and feasting their eyes and ears on Christmas Carol is what we genuinely call a ‘celebration’.

Final Note

Black Friday might not be an event that is commonly celebrated in Malaysia and that is a fact that we can’t deny. But that doesn’t stop us from gifting something for our families and friends for the end-year. We have all worked hard and this is the perfect time for us to reap its rewards. Click HERE or the image above to shop from our Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals!

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