What should we expect from the Samsung all-new A series 2020

It is coming very soon. The Galaxy A71 and A51 are reaching Malaysia’s shores soon enough and today we’re going to run through what should users expect from this much-anticipated device.

What should we expect from the Samsung all-new A series 2020

On the left: Galaxy A71| On the right: Galaxy A51

1. Four Top-of-the-range Cameras

For whichever modern day phone, the camera always seems to be the selling point for the device. The four cameras integrated into the A71 and A51 can be broken down into the main, Ultra Wide, Macro and Depth cameras respectively. The breakdown of each of the cameras is as follow:

Main camera- Capable of capturing pictures through its 64-megapixel on the Galaxy A71 and 48-megapixel on the Galaxy A51

Ultra Wide camera- Works similarly like the human eye through its 123-degree angle lens for the best shot possible

Macro camera- Designed to ensure the details are intact with every miniscule elements are encapsulated

Depth camera- Through the Live Focus effects, this camera exposes the subject of your photos, making them stand out

2. AMOLED Display

The AMOLED display is no stranger to tech/mobile enthusiasts. The mobile gaming and mobile movie viewing boom have really put phone manufacturers to the test.

A breakdown for the A71 and A51 display:

Galaxy A71- Super AMOLED Plus

Galaxy A51- Super AMOLED edge-to-edge Infinity-O

Both of these visual wonders exhibits an expansive submerging viewing and gaming experience that succumbs its users into a rabbit hole of brilliant imagery.

3. Super Steady Video

Au Revoir shaking videos! The Super Steady Video removes camera shake which is always present when one is trying to film a video of a moving object. Not only does it capture animated objects perfectly, even if one is to traverse through mountains or running tracks the Super Steady Video can magically capture the moment flawlessly.

4. A Long-lasting Battery

With so much work and daily activities being done on smartphones these days, it is imperative for current devices to have a battery that can survive for long hours. The A71 and A51 not only present a respectable battery life but also admirable charging prowess.

A breakdown of the battery capacity and charging capability:

A71: 4,500 mAh battery with 25W fast charging capability

A51: 4,000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging capability


Overall, the new A series present an enhancement in the most basic of properties which might seem negligible and redundant, but as a whole, it greatly improves the core functions of the phone with its innovative cameras, withstanding battery and elegant display. The concept might be generic, but its execution is impeccable.

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