iPhone for Everyone

The latest financing option for non credit card holders.

Enjoy the latest iPhone 15 from as low as RM 222.03 per month with our 12-months / 24-months subscription program.

Low Monthly Instalment

From 12 or 24 months Instalment plan for your selected iPhone.

Easy Application

Approval within same working day for walk-in. Visit your nearest Senheng/senQ outlet. Only MyKad required.

Keep or Upgrade

Choose to keep or upgrade to a newer iPhone after the completion of your subscription.

Upgrade with A Peace of Mind

Get a guaranteed return value of up to 50% on your existing iPhone under our program.
*T&Cs apply

Apply Now with 3 simple steps!

  1. Apply Online or Walk-in to any Senheng/senQ outlet (applicable for West Malaysia only)
  2. Complete application sign-up and proceed in 1-3 working days
  3. Visit store to collect your device upon approval

*you will be directed to CompAsia application page

ReNew+ Subscription Program FAQ

  1. What is ReNew+ Subscription Program?
    The iPhone for Everyone program (aka the ReNew+ Subscription program) is a payment option for you to get an iPhone on a subscription basis for 12 months or 24 months. Upon the completion of your subscription period, you may enjoy a seamless upgrade experience to a new iPhone or own and keep the iPhone.
  2. What are the devices being offered?
    This Program is extended to the iPhone series including the latest iPhone models. The eligible devices may be revised and updated from time to time. You may find the updated list of eligible devices via our Partner’s website and/or CompAsia’s (ReNew+) website.
  3. How long is the duration of the Program?
    We offer 12-months and 24-months subscription Program.
  4. Who is eligible for the program?
    To subscribe to the Program, you must:
    • be a Malaysian citizen with a valid MyKad
    • be aged between twenty-one (21) to sixty-five (65) years old
    • earn a minimum fixed monthly wages of RM1,000.00
    • have a valid and active banking account with sufficient funds
    • be able to provide the necessary details and documents as may be requested during the application process
    Apart from fulfilling the above criteria, you must pass a credit check and verification process in order for your application to be successful.
  5. Can I subscribe multiple devices with a single MyKad under the Program?
    Unfortunately, you cannot subscribe for multiple devices under the Program as each MyKad is only eligible for one (1) device under this Program.
  6. If my application is rejected, when can I re-apply again?
    You may re-apply for the Program only after 6 months from your last application.
  7. Is there any program sign-up fee?
    Yes, there is a one-time Program Fee which will be collected after your application approved.
  8. Is there any interest in this product?
    Yes, the Program is subjected to a monthly interest which is included as part of your monthly charges.
  9. Do I need to make an upfront payment at the point of sign up?
    Yes. You are required to make an upfront payment comprising of the following:
    • a Nominal Value fee of RM1.00; and
    • for 12 months subscription period, the program fee is RM100.00 only; or
    • for 24 months subscription period, the program fee is equivalent to the Monthly Charge of your device subscription; and
    • the first payment of your Monthly Charge which will cover the first Monthly Charge of your device.
  10. Where and how can I make the upfront payment?
    The upfront payment will be charged to you after your application approved. You will be directed to make this payment via Instant Pay (FPX payment). Please ensure that all information entered with regards to your banking account is accurate and that your banking account is active and valid with sufficient amount of fund and you complete the payment for ALL the upfront payment in item no.9. You must be the lawful and authorized owner of the banking account.
  11. Upon successful payment, does this mean my application is complete and successful?
    Yes, your application is complete and successful upon successful payment. You will be notified of the next steps for your device collection at preferred store.
  12. Once my application is successful, how do I go about collecting my device?
    You will be contacted by our Partner via email/other form of communication with details on the Self Collection. When collecting your device, our Partner/Partner’s staff will assist you with the mandatory verification process (“EKYC”) before handing you the device.
  13. Can I assign any representative to collect my device on my behalf?
    You are not allowed to send any representative during the device collection as a personal EKYC verification process will be performed during the collection of your device.

  1. How do I pay for the Monthly Charge?
    Your Monthly Charge will be automatically deducted through direct debit from your banking account that you have registered with us after the application approved.
  2. What is the billing cycle like?
    Your billing cycle will be monthly. You will receive an invoice on a monthly basis once the automatic deduction from your banking account is completed.
  3. How do I change my details such as phone number, email, and/or banking account details?
    For any changes in your details, you must immediately notify us by emailing ReNew+ customer service at renew.plus@compasia.com.
  4. How do I check my billing/payment details?
    You may inquire on the details of your billing/payment by emailing ReNew+ customer service at renew.plus@compasia.com.
  5. What happens if I do not make payment on time?
    You may be imposed with a late payment charge of RM10.00 for every seven (7) days starting on the day after your payment falls due. The late payment charges will continue to be charged and accumulated until full settlement of the outstanding amount is made.
  6. Can I terminate my subscription before contract ends?
    Yes, you can. In the event of an early termination, you will be required to make the payment as below:

    (Monthly Charges x Remaining Months Balance) + Nominal Value + Late Payment Charge (if any)
  7. May I defer my repayment?
    Unfortunately, deferment of payment is not available under the Program.
  8. Will I still be eligible for upgrade if I had my device changed due to hardware/other issues?
    Yes, you’re eligible for upgrade but you need to contact our ReNew+ Customer Service via email or phone call to inform that you had changed your device and provide the evidence such as receipt/invoice from authorised service centre.

  1. What happens after my subscription period ends?
    You will have the option to own and keep your device OR upgrade your device to a new device subjected to our terms and conditions.
  2. Is there any upgrade fee if I would like to upgrade to a new device?
    There is no upgrade fee or any additional payment for a device upgrade request.
  3. What are the criteria for returning my device for an upgrade?
    You will need to meet a set of criteria for a successful upgrade request including but not limited to the below:
    • the IMEI/unique serial number of the Device you return to us, subscriber’s name, mobile phone number and the NRIC number under which the Device is subscribed to is correct and correspond with the information of the Registered Device and other information you have given to us during your application to subscribe to the Program;
    • you provide any additional information as reasonably requested by us;
    • it is made within thirty (30) days after the completion of Subscription Period;
    • the Upgrade Request is not for any Device Accessory;
    • the Registered Device is able to “power-on” and has not been the subject of Modification; and
    • we reasonably believe that you are not using the Program in a manner which is, or is reasonably believed to be, fraudulent, illegal or related to any criminal activity; or intended to make commercial gain.
    The device you select for an upgrade is subject to the eligibility and availability of the device under the Program.
  4. What happens to my old device and its data when I upgrade to a new device?
    You are required to return your old device to any participating partner’s store. You shall back up any data from the old device and ensure a proper data wipe is performed on the device on your own before returning it for an upgrade. Once your old device is returned to us, the residual data in the old device will be wiped out. We are not responsible for any data you left on your device and will not transfer any such data or information from your device. We shall not be liable for any loss, misappropriation of or damage to any data or information.
  5. When do I make the request to upgrade to a new Device?
    The request must be made within thirty (30) days after the completion of your subscription period at any participating partner’s store.
  6. Are there any other terms and conditions to the Program?
    You can refer to the full Program terms & conditions here.
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Terms and Conditions

  1. Voucher can only be used per transaction.
  2. Voucher can only be used from 1 April to 31 May 2022.
  3. Promotion is valid from 1 April to 31 May 2022.
  4. Voucher is not exchangeable for cash.
  5. Expired voucher will be voided and is not renewable.
  6. Voucher is redeemable for any available products only.
  7. Voucher is not valid towards the purchase of Apple products, insurance products, reload coupon, and gift card.
  8. Voucher cannot be used together with S-Coin to purchase any items / services.
  9. No refund or change will be given if purchase value is less than voucher value.
  10. Voucher is not transferable and can only be used by the rightful PlusOne Member.
  11. Senheng reserve the right to amend the stated terms & conditions without prior notice.
  12. Voucher is only applicable to PlusOne members who have joined before 1st April 2022.
  13. Voucher is valid for purchases of RM250 and above in a single transaction only.
  14. Voucher cannot be used with other discount vouchers.