1. TP-Link Kasa Smart Home Wi-Fi Power Strip, 3-Outlets KP303
    Special Price RM129.00 Regular Price RM132.00
    Special Price RM64.00 Regular Price RM69.00
  1. TOUSH Smart IR
    20% of 100
    Special Price RM58.00 Regular Price RM99.00
  2. Pensonic Toush Smart Gateway - ZigBee PEN-T8101SGW-ZB
    Special Price RM216.00 Regular Price RM299.00
  3. Aqara M2 Hub
    73% of 100
  1. Aqara Wall Switch D1 (With Neutral)
    As low as RM129.00
  1. Blueair Classic 205 Air Purifier BLA-CLASSIC205PA
    Special Price RM1,878.00 Regular Price RM1,888.00
  2. Blueair Classic 290i Air Purifier BLA-CLASSIC290i
    Special Price RM2,588.00 Regular Price RM2,888.00
  3. Blueair HealthProtect™ 7440i
    Special Price RM3,999.00 Regular Price RM4,299.00
  4. Blueair HealthProtect™ 7770i
    Special Price RM5,699.00 Regular Price RM6,299.00
  1. Samsung Powerbot Essential with 2-In-1 Vacuum Cleaning & Mopping VR05R5050WK
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM1,363.00 Regular Price RM1,599.00
  2. Samsung Jet Bot+ with LiDAR Sensor VR30T85513W/ME
    Special Price RM3,227.00 Regular Price RM3,399.00
  3. Samsung Jet Bot AI+ with Intel A.I. Driving VR50T95735W/ME
    Special Price RM4,849.00 Regular Price RM4,999.00
  1. Aqara Curtain Controller (Zigbee)
    As low as RM999.00
  1. LG 8.5kg Front Load Washer with AI Direct Drive™ and Steam™ LG-FV1285S4W
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM1,899.00 Regular Price RM2,899.00
  2. LG 9kg Front Load Washer with AI Direct Drive™ and Steam™ LG-FV1409S4W
    80% of 100
    Special Price RM2,299.00 Regular Price RM3,709.00
  3. LG 10.5kg Front Load Washer with AI Direct Drive, Steam LG-FV1450S4W
    96% of 100
    Special Price RM2,899.00 Regular Price RM4,039.00
  1. Samsung 660L Side by Side with Family Hub Refrigerator RS62T5F01B4/ME
    60% of 100
    Special Price RM7,299.00 Regular Price RM9,385.00
  1. LG 20/10kg Front Load Washer Dryer with Steam™ LG-F2720RVTV
    95% of 100
    Special Price RM5,199.00 Regular Price RM7,999.00
  2. LG 9kg Dryer with Dual Inverter Heat Pump & Auto Cleaning Condenser LG-VDH9066WS
    60% of 100
    Special Price RM3,699.00 Regular Price RM5,199.00
  3. Samsung 8KG Heat Pump Dryer DV80TA220AE/FQ
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM2,599.00 Regular Price RM3,099.00
  4. Samsung 9KG Heat Pump Dryer SAM-DV90T6240LH
    Special Price RM3,399.00 Regular Price RM3,999.00
  1. LG 454L Net Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Inverter Linear Compressor LG-GCB529NQCZ
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM2,849.00 Regular Price RM3,159.00
  1. DeLonghi Dinamica Plus ECAM370.95.T Automatic Coffee Makers
    Special Price RM4,937.00 Regular Price RM4,999.00