Secured Before and Even More Secure Now!

Senheng and senQ Malaysia is well-known for its exceptional delivery service and how we ensure that all of your products are delivered in the best condition. Guess what? We believe we can do EVEN better, and this new seal system, we are even more confident that our services are continuously improving our customer’s experience.

What is the purpose of the seal?

Essentially, the seal at works as an indicator that the box/packaging is UNOPENED and is at its best condition. As such, we guarantee you that your products are untouched and untampered as it should be.

Example of seal:

Therefore, we highly suggest that our customers DO NOT ACCEPT the product if the seal is broken or tampered for they reserve the right to return and ask for a fresh new change to their product.
Like the image above, the condition of your packing should more or less look similar. If you noticed any form of disruption to your seal, feel free to call us for further enquiries and information that you are unsure of.

Note that users can also inspect their product even if the seal is broken and if they are satisfied with their product they are allowed to accept and keep it. All in all, the introduction of this seal is an attempt to further improve our security that we know that customers hold dear too. Always continuously trying to improve our services, our priority will always be your satisfaction and shopping experience with us!