Panasonic Ionity Hair Dryer with Diffuser (Shine Boost) PSN-EHNE72

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Shine Boost Design
2000W Fast Drying
Ion Conditioning

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Enjoy Smooth, Shiny Hair
The Panasonic Care Series will enhance your hair's shine and beauty. The Shine Boost Design and ion conditioning leave your hair smooth, shiny and gorgeous.

The Shine Boost Design leaves your hair shiner
By blowing hot air from the center and cool air from both sides, the Shine Boost Design sends alternate bursts of hot and cool air to your hair. The dryer heats the hair and then immediately cools it, to regulate the surface temperature and leave the hair smooth and shiny.

Ion conditioning achieves extra care
A strong airflow packed with ions speed-dries your hair while preserving its natural gloss. Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny.

Ions moisturize your hair
They coat the surface of each hair, adding moisture.

Ions neutralize the hair’s positive electrical charge
Hair naturally tends to have a positive electrical charge that makes it stand on end. Ions neutralize the charge, reducing static electricity to settle your hair and make it smoother.

Double External Ion Outlets
Ions are discharged from two independent ion outlets. Since this outlets are outside the hot-air nozzle, the ions do not dry out. They retain more moisture and deliver it to your hair.

Ions are sensitive to heat. By sending them in cool air, they retain moisture which is then delivered to your hair.

Easy to hold
The ergonomically designed shape is well-balanced in the weight to achieve stable hold on to a grip.

Foldable design
The compact, foldable design takes up minimal space when not in use.

Cool-Shot Switch
Change between hot and cool with a single press of the switch. You don't even have to keep it pressed. It cools your hair in an instant, and keeps curls intact.

The diffuser sends air all the way to the roots. It's ideal for styling and drying permed or naturally curly hair, and for adding lift right from the roots.

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Brand Panasonic
Power (W) 2000
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