Panasonic Humidifying nanoe™ Air Purifier PSN-FVXK70A

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1-Year Warranty

Suitable Room Size: 52m² / 566ft²
Nanoe Purification
Humidifying Function
3D Circulation Airflow
Mega Catcher
Humidity & Filter Replace Indicator

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Eco operation mode runs only when necessary
Different from constant Auto Mode, ECONAVI learns your daily life patterns and automatically switch on only when needed, therefore minimizing un-necessary operation.
ECONAVI is an intelligent technology that can monitor your daily activities and memorize the timeline of the pollution level. It then controls the product before pollution spreads throughout the house.


Mechanism of ECONAVI
With ECONAVI, the air purifier operates automatically before pollutants spread that reduce the need for stronger airflow to clean the dispersed pollutants. It also minimizes unnecessary operation by learning your daily life pattern. With ECONAVI, up to 60% of energy wastage is reduced.
* Test condition: operate 8 hours in 10cu.m. Space (1 tobacco smoked from the beginning for 1 hour)

Mega Catcher
Purifying with powerful suction especially near the floor where children play around. 30cm near the floor is full of house dust, when pollutants are detected, the front panel will open accordingly to the pollution level for effective suction.


Provides Comfortable Living Condition
The new Panasonic air purifier possesses the humidifying function, incorporated with the hydration property of nanoe™, it can help restore the moisture back to the skin.
During humidification, humidity sensor will show the humidity level of the room and control the operation accordingly.


General Information
Applicable area m²(ft²): 52 (566)

Air Purifying
Air Volume m³/min: High 6.7; Medium 2.7; Low 1.1
Power Consumption W: High 66; Medium 11; Low 6
Noise dB(A): High 54; Medium 33; Low 18

Air Purifying & Humidifying
Humidifying Capacity ml/h: High 700; Medium 400; Low 250
Air Volume m³/min: High 6.3; Medium 3.1; Low 1.9
Power Consumption W: High 8; Medium 15; Low 10
Noise dB(A): High 53; Medium 36; Low 25

Filter Life Time
HEPA Composite Filter: 10 years
Super Nanotechnology Deodorizing Filter: 10 years
Humidifying Filter: 10 years
Filter Life Check: Yes

Motor Type: DC
3D Circulation Airflow: Yes
Mega Catcher: Yes
Eco Mode: No
Auto Mode: Yes
Turbo Mode: No
Sleep Mode: 8 hours
Sensor: Dirt/ Odour/ Humidity / Human Activity / Light
Clean Sign: Yes
Dust / Odour Sign: No
Humidity Indicator: Digital Indication
Child Lock: Yes
Tank Capacity: 3.5 L
Dimension (H x W x D) mm: 636 x 398 x 245
Weight kg: 10.2

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Brand Panasonic
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