Panasonic Home Shower (Jet Pump) DH-3NDP1MSR

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Stylish and Easy to See

Rain Shower

Low Noise Operation

The Comfort of a Steady Temperature

Easy Switching Shower


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Luxury Shower Style

The shower is used so often, day in and day out, that it has become an essential part of our daily lives. Panasonic sees the shower as an important element to not only keep our bodies clean, but also to refresh our minds and keep us healthy. We make shower time more comfortable by raising the basic performance of your shower while also enhancing comfort, health, and safety. The end result is a more luxurious, more rewarding shower experience.

Stylish and Easy to See

Large LCD Display
The NDP1/ND1 is equipped with a stylish, easy-to-see LCD screen on the main unit. This convenient display shows you the set shower temperature, mode, and time at a glance. The shower temperature can also be adjusted and the mode switched with a simple touch button operation.

Rain Shower

One-touch Inner Lid
Easily adjust the shower rail according to your height preference (min. length 770mm, max. length: 1165mm).

Easy Adjust Diverter
Panasonic rain shower head diverter can be operated easily without hassle.
*Only valid for DH-3NDP1MSR and DH-3NP2MSR

Low Noise Operation

Low Noise DC Pump
The DC pump gives you both a powerful water flow and quiet operation. You can feel free to take a shower late at night or after the family has gone to sleep.
*Made In Japan DC pump

The Comfort of a Steady Temperature

Built-in Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor is built into the main unit lets you maintain a constant shower temperature.

You don’t need to worry about the temperature changing while you shower, so you can enjoy showering in comfort.

Easy Switching Shower

3-Way Shower Selector
The switch selector on the shower head gives you 3-way control of the shower flow: Normal, Spot, or Wide.

The Selector Button is built into the grip, so it’s easy to press, and you can switch the shower flow with a single hand.

Easy & Safety Push

One Push ON/OFF Switch
A large, easy-to-press ON/OFF switch on the main unit. The large button can be pressed even while showering with your eyes closed. One push lets you turn off the water and the electricity. It’s a quicker, more convenient way to turn off the water.

e-CYCLE technology

Thermal effects
With the e-CYCLE shower, your body does not experience any hot flashes after you step out of the bathroom. Keeping your body’s temperature in check, you will experience the same warmth even 15 minutes after your shower, ensuring your body feels good, and improving overall blood circulation.

e-CYCLE technology

Healing Relax Effect
Increases in emotions such as joy and relaxation, while reducing negative feelings such as anger and sadness are apparent after the e-CYCLE shower. Stress levels also drop, and users feel more relaxed and comfortable. You will also experience an increase in energy and feel more awake.

Eco & Saving

Gentle on the environment
Magic Health not only keeps the body and mind healthy, it is also gentle on the environment. With e-CYCLE technology, its continuous cycle of generating 40 seconds of hot water and 30 seconds of cold water reduces 43% of the electricity usage. Magic Health refreshes you without causing you to worry about the electricity bill or water use.

Maintaining Cleanliness

The antibacterial material containing Ag+ (silver) prevents mold generation. It prevents mold in the shower head, which often occurs in the humid environment of the bathroom, so the shower head remains constantly clean.


Power consumption: 3.6 kW
Power Supply: 240 V, 50Hz
Large LCD Display
DC Pump
One Push Stop System
Power supply: 240 V, 50Hz
Power consumption: 3.6 kW
Water Pressure (kgf / cm²): Max: 380 kPa, Min: 4.9 kPa
Jet Pump: DC PUMP
Power Selection: Digital Temperature Control with LCD
Power Stop System: One Push Stop System
Water Stop System: One Push Stop System

Color: Skin Silver
Dimension (H x W x D) mm: 380 x 200 x 89

Shower Head
Color: Skin Silver
Design: Oval
Spray Type: 3-Way
Shower Plate: Ag+ Anti Bacteria

Body Weight (Net): 3kg
e-CYCLE: Yes
Large LCD Display: Yes
Rain Shower: Yes

9 Safety Device
Push On-Off Switch: Yes
Built-in ELB: Yes
Heater Unit: Copper
Auto Thermal Cut Off: 55°C
Manual Reset Thermostat: Yes
Water Flow Sensor: Yes
Water Splash Proof: IP25
Structure: Insulated
Material: Non Flammable Material Compliance

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Brand Panasonic
Color Flowing Silver
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