Panasonic EzyClean Bidet DLAB10 PSN-DLAB10

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Detachable Cover for easy cleaning and maintenance
Ag crystal anti-bacterial
Self cleaning function to ensure cleanliness and hygienic nozzle tips before using
Ag Controlling Knob for Adjusting the water volume
Water Filter to ensure clean water for cleaning purpose

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Practical hygienic cleaning features for you and your family. Panasonic widens its line of home hygiene products with the EzyClean Bidet. With revolutionary (Ag+) technology that destroys the cell walls of bacteria and eliminating them, you get the best in personal care and the ultimate bathroom experience.

The Ideal Bathroom Solution
Introducing the next level of comfort with the EzyClean Bidet. Gone were the days of wet, uncomfortable and slippery bathroom floors which use conventional cleaning methods like water hoses, toilet paper or scoop water from bucket. Now, transform your bathroom into a luxurious relaxing part of the home. Practical hygienic cleaning features for you and your family to ensure the comfortable and convenience bathroom experience.

Ag+ Crystal Anti-Bacterial
EzyClean Bidet incorporates the (Ag+) Crystal Anti-Bacterial technology – the first introduced in Japan as a solution towards anti-bacterial toilet seat with twin nozzle tip and controlling knob. The silver ions (Ag+) affect the metabolism of bacteria by destroying its cell wall to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. This is to provide you with hygienic cleaning bathroom experience and easy maintenance purposes.

Ag+ Toilet Seat:
Detachable seat for easy cleaning and maintenance.
(Soft Close: Only Applicable to DL-AF15)

Ag+ Cleaning Nozzle
Self-cleaning function to ensure cleanliness and hygienic nozzle tips before using.

Feminine Use (Pink Colour) 5 nozzle holes
Soft spray water flow for comfortable cleaning.

Family Use (Blue Colour) Single nozzle hole
Straight water flow for effective cleaning

Ag+ Controlling Knob
The controlling knobs for adjusting the water volume
- Pink for feminine use
- Blue for family use

Ergonomical Design
EzyClean Bidet is designed ergonomically to provide hygienic, comfortable and convenient bathroom experience: Easy Installation (DIY concept), Easy Maintenance, No electricity and wiring required, Ag+ Crystal Anti-bacterial material

Healthcare Recommendations
According to healthcare professionals, excessive and intense rubbing of the anal region with rough toilet paper will cause wounds that lead to discomfort and possible infection. Panasonic’s EzyClean Bidet is recommended to those people from hemorrhoids, rashes and infirmity. It helps reduce pain and keeps sensitive regions clean.

Water Filter
To ensure clean water for cleaning purpose.

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