Panasonic Alkaline Water Ionizer TK-AS45

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Generates 5 Kinds of water
Improve Gastrointestinal System
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For a Healthier Stomach

The effect alkaline ionized water has on improving gastrointestinal symptoms is approved under by the Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act) regulation. If you’re drinking it for the first time, you’re recommended to start with water that has a pH of 8.5 until you gradually become used to it.
- Alleviates feeling of heaviness or discomfort in stomach
- Helps gastrointestinal movement for favorable bowel movements

Effectively Supports Daily Cooking

Alkaline ionized water permeates food more than other water, and has special effects such as extracting flavor and making food tender.
pH 9.5: Brings out the flavor of food.
pH 9.5/9.0: Softens food.

Generates 5 Kinds of Water to Support Your Life

Panasonic's Alkaline Ionizer generates ionized water with four different pH values, and purified water for various uses. Ionized water has unique properties other water doesn't have that contribute to a healthier daily life.

For Washing Your Face

Weakly acidic water has nearly the same pH as skin, so it's gentle to skin. You are recommended to wash your face with it every day.

How Is Ionized Water Generated?

First, in the same way as with a regular water purifier, residual chlorine and impurities are removed to create purified water. Then, the purified water is electrolyzed by a high-power electrolyzer featuring 3 electrodes to create alkaline ionized water and acidic ionized water. The baked platinum-coated titanium electrodes are durable and exceptionally resistant to deterioration. *Image is for illustrative purposes only.


General Information
Dimensions (W x D x H): 170 x 101 x 291 mm
Nett Weight (Kg): 3.0
Gross Weight (Kg): 3.5
Voltage: 220V~240V
Power Consumption: 55W
Filtration flow volume: 2.5 litres/min (at 100kPa water pressure)
Filter material (cartridge) replacement period: 1 year / 12,000 litres
Replacement Cartridge: TK-AS45C1

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