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  1. Toshiba 10L Toaster Oven TMMM10DZF
    Special Price RM115.00 Regular Price RM167.00
  2. Toshiba 8.5KG Semi Auto Washer VH-H95MM
    Special Price RM662.00 Regular Price RM904.00
  3. Toshiba 7.5KG Semi Auto Washer VH-H85MM
    Special Price RM566.00 Regular Price RM795.00
  4. Toshiba 530L 2 Door Fridge Inverter GRRT624WEPMY(06)
    80% of 100
    Special Price RM2,763.00 Regular Price RM3,618.00
  5. Toshiba 490L 2 Doors Fridge Inverter TSB-GRRT559WEPMY(06)
    Special Price RM2,510.00 Regular Price RM3,411.00
  6. Toshiba 550L 2 Doors Fridge TSB-GRHG55MDZXK
    Special Price RM3,415.00 Regular Price RM4,141.00
  7. Toshiba 400L 2 Doors Fridge Inverter TSB-GRRT468WEPMY(06)
    Special Price RM1,887.00 Regular Price RM2,887.00
  8. Toshiba 380L 2 Door Fridge Inverter GRRB410WEPMY(37)
    Special Price RM2,356.00 Regular Price RM2,833.00
  9. JIMMY H9 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
    Special Price RM1,299.00 Regular Price RM2,799.00
  10. JIMMY JV85 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
    Special Price RM1,159.00 Regular Price RM2,269.00
  11. JIMMY JV35 Professional UV Light Anti-mite Vacuum Cleaner
    Special Price RM429.00 Regular Price RM699.00
  12. Philips Series 8000 Wet and Dry Epilator PLP-BRE740/10
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM469.00 Regular Price RM549.00
  13. Philips Series 5000 Beard Trimmer BT5502/15
    Special Price RM299.00 Regular Price RM329.00
  14. Philips Sonicare Compact Toothbrush Heads PLP-HX6032
    Special Price RM52.00 Regular Price RM60.00
  15. Khind 7.7L Digital Air Fryer ARF77D
    Special Price RM389.00 Regular Price RM599.00
  16. Khind 28L Electric Oven OT2800
    As low as RM199.00 Regular Price RM359.00
  17. Khind 40L Electric Oven OT4030
    As low as RM369.00 Regular Price RM399.00
  18. Khind 12KG Top Load Washer WM120A
    Special Price RM1,065.00 Regular Price RM1,651.00
  19. Khind 10KG Top Load Washer WM100A
    Special Price RM909.00 Regular Price RM1,416.00
  20. Khind 8KG Top Load Washer WM80A
    Special Price RM745.00 Regular Price RM1,166.00
  21. Khind 356L 2 Door Fridge RF350
    Special Price RM1,395.00 Regular Price RM2,022.00
  22. Khind 269L 2 Door Fridge RF270
    Special Price RM1,165.00 Regular Price RM1,701.00

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  1. ROBAM Professional LCD 60L Built-In Oven R312
    Special Price RM3,899.00 Regular Price RM6,888.00
  2. Faber Faberjet Tazza 90SS FBR-TAZZA90SS
    Special Price RM1,650.00 Regular Price RM2,200.00
  3. Beko 71L Built-In Oven BIM16300XC
    Special Price RM1,849.00 Regular Price RM1,999.00
  4. Faber FCH3C/69BK Build-in Ceramic Hob
    Special Price RM864.00 Regular Price RM1,299.00
  5. Faber Faberjet Senso 90SS Cooker Hood FBR-SENSO90SS
    Special Price RM1,650.00 Regular Price RM2,200.00
  6. Faber Built In Oven FBO661GL
    Special Price RM1,888.00 Regular Price RM1,899.00
  7. Faber Built In Oven FBO660SS
    Special Price RM1,789.00 Regular Price RM1,799.00
  8. Faber 2 Induction Hobs + 1 Ceramic Hob FBR-PREMIO2ID1C
    Special Price RM1,719.00 Regular Price RM1,899.00
  9. Faber Ceramic & Induction Cooker Premio FBR-FLEXI762ID1C
    Special Price RM1,729.00 Regular Price RM1,899.00
  10. Faber Build In Glass Hob FBR-FGH573/90BK
    Special Price RM821.00 Regular Price RM839.00
  11. Faber Faberjet Cappa 90SS
    Special Price RM1,174.00 Regular Price RM1,290.00