8 Surprising Things You Can Make in a Rice Cooker

Despite the name, the rice cooker is a perfect one-stop solution to all your cooking needs. Though a rice cooker is primarily used for cooking rice, you can cook almost anything in this multi-tasking utensil. A rice cooker cooks food by using moist heat yet retains flavours, which makes it similar to a regular slow cooker. Even the basic rice cooker comes with the settings ‘cook’ and ‘warm’, so here’s how you can make a variety of dishes for your next mealtime:


Soak some oats overnight, and let it cook the next morning to have a healthy and hearty breakfast. Experiment with other options such as barley, grits (a kind of porridge) and rice pudding, and garnish them with chopped nuts and fruits.


If you love eggs, the rice cooker can perfectly boil them. However, if you’re looking for something more filling, try frittatas. Just whisk up some pre-cooked vegetables together to an egg mixture and you have a delicious snack for yourself.


If you like lentils with rice, you can quickly prepare some in no time at all. Soak your choice of lentils or beans (kidney beans or soybeans), and cook them as you would normally do. If your cooker comes with a timer, set the time for it to start cooking just before your meal time.

Steamed vegetables, fish and meats

Steamed vegetables and meats enhance the flavour of the dish, making for a filling yet delicious meal. Most models such as the Tefal rice cooker come with specific instructions on how to use the steaming tray, where you begin with the rice and add the meat/vegetables just at the end. You can steam and cook fish in a steamer basket that has been lined with vegetables as well.


One of the simplest items to make in a rice cooker, make your favourite soup anytime, anywhere. Add in your choice of vegetables and water to let it cook, and add spices and condiments to your liking. As you start cooking, you will learn the correct order of adding vegetables, corn, meats and the like.

Mac n cheese

This international favourite – mac n cheese – can be really simple to make in a rice cooker. All you need is your choice of pasta and cheese (Monterey Jack, cheddar, brie or parmesan) and you’re on the way to make mac n cheese or even a Cuban casserole for your friends.

Chocolate cake

A rice cooker is the best option if you want to make a chocolate cake in a simple manner. Just blend the wet and dry ingredients as you would do for a normal cake, and wait for an hour for the cake to cook.


A rice cooker resembles the conventional oven in terms of baking goods. Just mix in the ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, heavy cream, lemon and cream cheese) and leave it to cook in the cooker.

Voila, there you have eight simple but delicious things to cook in your regular rice cooker. If you’re looking for rice cooker in Malaysia, browse our collection today.