lg-twin is a combination of two washers in one. You can operate both washers at the same time or independently as required.
Defeat Invisible Allergens
LG Steam™ washing machine eliminates 99.9% of allergens, such as dust mites that can cause allergy or respiratory issues.
Deep Clean for Baby Clothes
After washing your baby's clothes, you don't want any stains to remain. Applying the intense heat of steam will effectively pre-treat any stains or dirt before washing.
Reduce Wrinkles and Odors in 20 minutes
TrueSteam™ Refresh employs the power of steam for deeper cleaning, removing winkles and odors from dedicate clothes in just 20 minutes.
Soften Your Clothes with Pure Water
TrueSteam™ is skin-friendly, using pure and natural steam instead of chemical fabric softeners to soften clothes. You can even feel the difference in fabric texture after softening with steam.
Simultaneous Wash
Cut your laundry time in half! Save your total laundry time even when you wash sorted laundry. Just wash one load in the main washer above and another in the mini washer below at once. No need to wash clothes one by one anymore.
Separate Wash
With LG TWI\Wash, you can separately wash two different types of laundry. Just put one load in the main washer above and another in the mini mwasher below. You can simply prevent color stains, fabric damages,
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