Kitchen Appliances 3 Years Warranty
Kitchen Appliances 3 Years Warranty

Cooker Hood

  1. Beko Cooker Hood BKO-HCB93042X
    Special Price RM1,409.00 Regular Price RM1,959.00
  2. Beko Cooker Hood HCG92940B
    Special Price RM1,189.00 Regular Price RM1,527.00
  3. Elba Designer Hood (Black) EHE9121STBK ELB-EHE9121STBK
    Special Price RM1,360.00 Regular Price RM1,560.00
  4. Elba Designer Hood ELB-EHE9122STBK
    Special Price RM1,160.00 Regular Price RM1,360.00

Cooker Hob

  1. Beko 60 cm Vitroceramic Hob BKO-HIC63401T
    Special Price RM1,489.00 Regular Price RM1,799.00
  2. Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW72225SOB
    Special Price RM799.00 Regular Price RM899.00
  3. Beko 3 Burner Gas Hobs HISW73225SOB (LPG)
    Special Price RM919.00 Regular Price RM1,029.00
  4. Beko HISW92225SOB 90cm Gas Hob with 2 Wok Burner
    Special Price RM959.00 Regular Price RM1,129.00
  5. Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW93225SOB
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM1,119.00 Regular Price RM1,329.00
  6. Elba Stainless Steel Hob EBH-9920
    Special Price RM1,145.00 Regular Price RM1,345.00
  7. Elba Stainless Steel Hob EBH-9930
    Special Price RM1,310.00 Regular Price RM1,510.00

Built-In Oven

  1. Teka 20L Built-in Microwave MWE207FI
    Special Price RM1,319.00 Regular Price RM2,200.00
  2. Beko Built-in Oven with 3D Cooking BKO-BIM22100X
    Special Price RM1,449.00 Regular Price RM1,699.00
  3. Beko 71L Built-in Oven BKO-BIM25400XMS
    Special Price RM2,599.00 Regular Price RM2,699.00
  4. Elba Built in oven 70 L ELB-EBOE7081DSS
    Special Price RM1,645.00 Regular Price RM1,845.00

Products Highlight

  1. ROBAM Touch Button 56L Built-In Oven R306
    Special Price RM2,095.00 Regular Price RM3,599.00
  2. ROBAM Professional LCD 60L Built-In Oven R312
    Special Price RM3,899.00 Regular Price RM6,888.00
  3. Teka 65L Multifunction Built-In Oven TKA-TL615B
    Special Price RM1,300.00 Regular Price RM1,980.00
  4. Teka 65L Multifunction Built-In Oven TKA-TL735B
    Special Price RM1,859.00 Regular Price RM2,700.00
  5. Zanussi Built-in Oven ZAN-ZOB22669XK
    Special Price RM1,499.00 Regular Price RM2,239.00
  6. Zanussi Built-in Oven ZAN-ZOB35809XK
    Special Price RM1,699.00 Regular Price RM2,559.00
  7. ROBAM 40L Built-in Steam Oven S106
    Special Price RM2,999.00 Regular Price RM5,800.00
  8. ROBAM 40L Built-In Steam Oven S112
    Special Price RM3,589.00 Regular Price RM6,800.00
  9. Robam Electric Hob W 211
    Special Price RM2,129.00 Regular Price RM3,300.00
  10. Teka Cooker Hob GS73AIALTR
    Special Price RM735.00 Regular Price RM1,050.00
  11. Elba EGH-E9522G(GR) 2 Burners Built in Glass Hob
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM1,060.00 Regular Price RM1,260.00
  12. Elba 2-Burner Built-in Glass Hob EGH-F9542GGR
    Special Price RM1,020.00 Regular Price RM1,220.00
  13. Elba 2-Burner Built-in Glass Hob EGH-G8592GBK
    Special Price RM690.00 Regular Price RM890.00
  14. Electrolux 70cm Built in Ceramic Hob EHC7240BA
    Special Price RM2,199.00 Regular Price RM2,589.00
  15. Electrolux Cooker Hood ELE-EFC922GAK
    Special Price RM2,099.00 Regular Price RM2,479.00
  16. Electrolux 90cm Curved Glass Chimney Hood ELE-EFC925GAC
    Special Price RM2,449.00 Regular Price RM2,959.00
  17. Electrolux Cooker Hood EFC926BAR
    Special Price RM3,199.00 Regular Price RM3,769.00
  18. Electrolux 90cm Dual Filter Stainless Steel Hood ELE-EFC926SA
    Special Price RM3,199.00 Regular Price RM3,789.00
  19. Electrolux Chimney Hood EFC936GAR
    Special Price RM1,849.00 Regular Price RM2,649.00
  20. Electrolux 90cm Designer Hood ELE-EFS928SA
    Special Price RM5,299.00 Regular Price RM6,369.00
  21. Electrolux Cooker Hood EFT9516X
    Special Price RM999.00 Regular Price RM1,209.00
  22. Faber Faberjet Senso 90SS Cooker Hood FBR-SENSO90SS
    Special Price RM1,650.00 Regular Price RM2,200.00
  23. Faber Faberjet Tazza 90SS FBR-TAZZA90SS
    Special Price RM1,650.00 Regular Price RM2,200.00
  24. ROBAM Chimney Cooker Hood A812
    Special Price RM1,799.00 Regular Price RM2,800.00
  25. Faber FCH3C/69BK Build-in Ceramic Hob
    Special Price RM864.00 Regular Price RM1,299.00
  26. Faber Build In Glass Hob FBR-FGH572/76BK
    Special Price RM579.00 Regular Price RM640.00
  27. Faber Build In Glass Hob IVANO 76 SS
    Special Price RM539.00 Regular Price RM577.00
  28. Faber Build in Glass Hob FBR-PRESTO2B/76BK
    Special Price RM439.00 Regular Price RM482.00
  29. Faber FGH VITTO 2B/76BK Glass Hob
    Special Price RM459.00 Regular Price RM535.00

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