Kitchen Appliances 3 Years Warranty
Kitchen Appliances 3 Years Warranty

Cooker Hood

  1. Beko Kitchen Hood BKO-HCB93041XB
    Special Price RM1,759.00 Regular Price RM2,159.00
  2. Beko Cooker Hood BKO-HCB93042X
    Special Price RM1,409.00 Regular Price RM1,959.00
  3. Beko Cooker Hood HCG92940B
    Special Price RM1,089.00 Regular Price RM1,527.00
  4. Elba Designer Hood ELB-EHE9122STBK
    Special Price RM1,160.00 Regular Price RM1,360.00
  5. Elba Elegante Designer Hood EH-G9026ST(SS)
    Special Price RM999.00 Regular Price RM1,430.00

Cooker Hob

  1. Beko 60 cm Vitroceramic Hob BKO-HIC63401T
    Special Price RM1,489.00 Regular Price RM1,799.00
  2. Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW72225SOB
    Special Price RM799.00 Regular Price RM899.00
  3. Beko 3 Burner Gas Hobs HISW73225SOB (LPG)
    Special Price RM919.00 Regular Price RM1,029.00
  4. Beko HISW92225SOB 90cm Gas Hob with 2 Wok Burner
    Special Price RM999.00 Regular Price RM1,199.00
  5. Beko Cooker Hob BKO-HISW93225SOB
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM1,119.00 Regular Price RM1,329.00
  6. Elba Stainless Steel Hob EBH-9930
    Special Price RM1,125.00 Regular Price RM1,510.00

Built-In Oven

  1. Beko Built-in Oven with 3D Cooking BKO-BIM22100X
    Special Price RM1,499.00 Regular Price RM1,799.00
  2. Beko 71L Built-in Oven BKO-BIM25400XMS
    Special Price RM2,599.00 Regular Price RM2,799.00
  3. Elba Built in oven 70 L ELB-EBOE7081DSS
    Special Price RM1,645.00 Regular Price RM1,845.00

Products Highlight

  1. ROBAM Touch Button 56L Built-In Oven R306
    Special Price RM2,095.00 Regular Price RM3,199.00
  2. ROBAM Professional LCD 60L Built-In Oven R312
    Special Price RM3,899.00 Regular Price RM5,299.00
  3. ROBAM 40L Built-in Steam Oven S106
    Special Price RM2,999.00 Regular Price RM4,299.00
  4. ROBAM 40L Built-In Steam Oven S112
    Special Price RM3,589.00 Regular Price RM5,099.00
  5. Robam Electric Hob W 211
    Special Price RM2,129.00 Regular Price RM2,499.00
  6. Robam 2 Cooking Zone Hybrid Hob W270
    Special Price RM2,299.00 Regular Price RM3,500.00
  7. Teka Cooker Hob GS73AIALTR
    Special Price RM709.00 Regular Price RM1,050.00
  8. Teka 3 burners GS82 AI AL 2TR Built In Hob
    Special Price RM999.00 Regular Price RM1,450.00
  9. Elba EGH-E9522G(GR) 2 Burners Built in Glass Hob
    100% of 100
    Special Price RM999.00 Regular Price RM1,260.00
  10. Elba 2-Burner Built-in Glass Hob EGH-F9542GGR
    Special Price RM999.00 Regular Price RM1,220.00
  11. Elba 2-Burner Built-in Glass Hob EGH-G8592GBK
    Special Price RM408.00 Regular Price RM890.00
  12. Electrolux 90cm Curved Glass Chimney Hood ELE-EFC925GAC
    Special Price RM2,299.00 Regular Price RM2,959.00
  13. Faber Faberjet Senso 90SS Cooker Hood FBR-SENSO90SS
    Special Price RM1,650.00 Regular Price RM2,200.00
  14. Faber Faberjet Tazza 90SS FBR-TAZZA90SS
    Special Price RM1,850.00 Regular Price RM2,200.00
  15. ROBAM Chimney Cooker Hood A812
    Special Price RM1,799.00 Regular Price RM2,099.00
  16. Faber FCH3C/69BK Build-in Ceramic Hob
    Special Price RM864.00 Regular Price RM1,299.00
  17. Faber Build In Glass Hob FBR-FGH572/76BK
    Special Price RM579.00 Regular Price RM640.00
  18. Faber FIC 2020 S Induction Cooker FBR-FIC2020S
    Special Price RM335.00 Regular Price RM339.00
  19. Faber Build In Glass Hob IVANO 76 SS
    Special Price RM539.00 Regular Price RM577.00
  20. Faber Build in Glass Hob FBR-PRESTO2B/76BK
    Special Price RM439.00 Regular Price RM482.00
  21. Faber FGH VITTO 2B/76BK Glass Hob
    Special Price RM459.00 Regular Price RM535.00
  22. Pensonic 3 Burner Built-in Glass Hob PGH413N
    Special Price RM497.00 Regular Price RM569.00
  23. Pensonic PGH422N Built In Glass Hob
    Special Price RM385.00 Regular Price RM434.00
  24. Pensonic PGH619S Stainless Steel Hob
    Special Price RM486.00 Regular Price RM584.00
  25. ROBAM 3D Flame Cooker Hob B397
    Special Price RM1,699.00 Regular Price RM2,099.00
  26. ROBAM B920 two-burner Glass Cooktop ROB-B920
    Special Price RM1,156.00 Regular Price RM1,399.00
  27. ROBAM B928 Two-Burner Glass Cooktop
    Special Price RM1,468.00 Regular Price RM1,899.00
  28. Robam Cooker Hood A825
    Special Price RM2,899.00 Regular Price RM3,599.00
  29. Zanussi Cooker Hood ZAN-ZHT961X
    Special Price RM839.00 Regular Price RM1,099.00