Travelling Soon? 5 Photography Tips to Try with your Phone, for Professional Results!


The travelling bug is back and taking photos is an activity that we always love when we’re on the road! Don’t we all just love recording down all the pretty sights and adventurous activities that we do during our travels?

But sometimes our photos turned out to be less than expected, not because of the place, but because of our friends who lack the basic skills of taking a photo. It’s such a mood spoiler when you can take decent photos for them, but they just can’t do the same! Not to worry, because here we have 5 tips that you can share to them for taking beautiful photos, just by using their smartphone!



Do you know why your photos look flat and unattractive? One of the reasons could be due to the background of your photo lacking in textures. To seek out attractive background with textures, hunt for interesting architecture, rustic interior design, or even street art during your travels.

Then, position yourself or your subject at a 45 degree angle to the camera. This will help in creating a slimmer illusion for an attractive photo. With a nice background in place, you’re ready to click the shutter and post it on your Insta feed!