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Sign into your account or sign up for a new account on the homepage. Click on the 'Account' button on the top right

Step 1

Choose Your Desired Product

Click into the product you wish to purchase in the campaign page.

Step 2

Claim Your Voucher

You will then see the voucher beside the product image. Click on the 'Claim'

Step 3

Add Your Product To Cart

You will see an 'Add To Cart' button in green. Click on it. Your product is now in your shopping cart.

Step 4

Proceed To Checkout or Continue Shopping

You will see a pop-up message that notifies you that your product is now in your shopping cart and is ready to checkout.

You can choose to continue shopping on our website or view your item in the cart if you wish to proceed to payment.

Step 5

View Cart & Proceed To Payment

You will then be directed to the 'Items in Cart' page and will be able to select the product you wish to checkout by ticking the box on the left.

Step 6

Apply Coupon / Voucher Claimed

Below the 'Proceed To Checkout' button, you will notice a 'My Coupon' section which displays the coupons/vouchers you have claimed earlier.

Click 'apply' on the voucher applicable to the product you have selected.

Step 7

Coupon / Voucher Applied Notification

It will then stated that you applied RM300

Step 8

Click Proceed To Checkout To Make Payment

To make your purchase, click on the 'Proceed To Checkout' button.

Step 9

Purchasing Process

1) You will then be led to the fulfillment page. Pick your preferred product fulfillment method.

Purchasing Process 1

a) If you select 'Ship to my address', fill in your personal details.

Purchasing Process a

2) After picking your selected option, choose your preferred payment method.

Purchasing Process 2

Payment Success!

You have completed the payment process! Congratulations!