PlusOne members benefits and why should you buy from us!

PlusOne Membership and Smart Shopping: The real reasons why you should buy from us

You have probably seen a lot of our ads swimming around your social media shouting how great are our services through the PlusOne membership. Guess what? They actually are! Truth to be told, we do have a lot of benefits to the point where our beloved customers could not keep up and we’re here today to walk you through what is it that makes shopping with us different compared with other electrical stores.

Extra 1-year warranty for PlusOne members

An extra FREE 1-year warranty

Earlier last month, we did an article stating why is it imperative for buyers to have an extra layer of security when they are purchasing electrical appliances.

In short, the unexpected often happens to us unexpectedly and having the comfort of falling back into a warranty defence is arguably the most feasible way as a backup.

That said, we would also like to stress that the free warranty that we are providing is on top of the manufacturers’, which meant that if the bought product originally has a manufacturer warranty of 2-years and you are a PlusOne member, the total warranty duration you’re getting for the said product is 3 years!

Up to 40% in rebates through purchase

Up to 40% rebate

We want a spree. A shopping spree. We don’t want just our customers to ‘just’ buy a product and that’s it. We want them to have an experience, a sentiment of reward when they shop with us. This rebate system serves as ‘an incentive’ for you avid shoppers to purchase at a better price from our store!

Shopping events like 10.10 or 12.12 profit most from this, as there is a huge variety of products with insanely reduced prices which are begging to be bought. The more you buy the better value you will get for your next purchase from us!

Senheng mobile app that greatly improves your shopping experience

Intuitive interaction

Paranoia is prevalent, yes we agree, especially with the frequent scams and frauds that have stigmatized online shopping, we do agree that online shoppers should be wary of their seller’s background.

Did you know that we have a mobile app that is available at the Google Store? The app is built to have a multitude of functions that serve as a logbook of your shopping experience. If needs must, our customers can effortlessly check their shopping details like their purchase history, total PlusOne points and EZ credit rebate points.

Not only that, the Senheng mobile app also serves as a newsletter for the latest promos and deals which corresponds to our latest campaigns and events. Therefore, the mobile app is like a bridge of convenience that links to multiple uses entailing in the Senheng’s ecosystem.

PlusOne members also have FREE delivery services for RM 100 above items

Free delivery service

Wave your goodbyes to shipping fees because if you’re a PlusOne member and have purchased a product above RM 100 you are automatically entitled to our free delivery service. Hence, you would need not worry about how you are going to get your product as we will be the one delivering it to your doorsteps!

All you need to do is sit back and relax!