3 Suggested Air Conditioner for Your Home

Stay Cool in Comfort with Our Suggestions!

When it comes to staying cool and comfortable, an air conditioner is your best friend. But finding the perfect one for your needs can be a challenge. In this guide, we'll help you navigate three suggestions for air conditioners for your home. Not only they help you to stay cool, they feature the latest in cooling technology that will help make your life better!

1. Samsung 1.0HP Windfree Deluxe Air Cond with Inverter AR10BYFA

If you do not like the feeling of cold air blowing on to your skin, this might be the aircond for you! Samsung's WindFree™ Cooling technology gently and quietly disperses air through 23,000 micro air holes, so you will not have the unpleasant sensation of cold air on your skin. The aircond also has an advanced airflow technology, which also helps to cool a wider and larger area more evenly. It also uses 77% less energy, which translates to more savings on your electric bill!

We would suggest this air conditioner to families with small children and the elderly, as they would prefer a comfortable ambient temperature, without the feeling of cold wind on them. So less sneezes and sniffles to those who are prone to sudden temperature changes!

Browse through the Samsung 1.0HP Windfree Deluxe Air Cond with Inverter here.


If you think that an air conditioner creates more harm to the environment, think again! The Panasonic 1.0HP R32 AERO SERIES AIR CONDITIONER utilises the R32 refrigerant, a sustainable refrigerant that has a higher cooling capacity, thus saving electricity without any impact on the Earth's ozone layer. The INVERTER feature also prevents any wasteful consumption of electricity, giving you exceptional energy saving performance, while keeping you cool for extended periods of time.

We would suggest this air conditioner to homes that require constant cooling, for example, homes that have pets. Or if you're an environment-conscious person, this would be your choice of air conditioner too!

Browse through the Panasonic 1.0HP R32 AERO SERIES AIR CONDITIONER here.


3. Sharp 1.5HP R32 Inverter Air Conditioner SHP-AHX12AED

Is your house facing the West-side orientation, thus having a more hotter and humid environment than usual homes? The Sharp 1.5HP R32 Inverter Air Conditioner allows the lowest temperature setting possible, 14C, helping to cool your home evenly in severely hot weather! It also has the usual energy-saving features, helping you to save on your electricity bill while cooling your home.

We would suggest this air conditioner to homes that are constantly exposed to severely hot weather, or require more powerful cooling than usual. The 1.5 HP is certainly enough for wide open spaces that need constant cooling, so if your home is larger than usual, we would also suggest this aircond too!

Browse through the Sharp 1.5HP R32 Inverter Air Conditioner here.

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