#LiveBetter: Smaller, Lighter, Easier! 5 Kitchen Helpers You Need

Eating out can be expensive and unhealthy. Why not try cooking more of your own meals? It's a good skill to learn to impress your families and friends too! Here are some the must-haves that we think could help you with creating a more enjoyable cooking time!



#LiveBetter 1: Choose a Better Rice Cooker!

Rice cookers now are equipped with a lot of functions, such as converting into a steamer, a porridge maker, or even a jam cooker. These can certainly help you with cooking, but the key question that you need to ask is what are the dishes you usually make?

If your family prioritises health and simple meals, a rice cooker that helps to reduce starch in rice can be considered. If you don't have a lot of space but still want to cook a lot with little appliances, then a rice cooker with multiple functions can help!



#LiveBetter 2: A Better Kitchen Hood

Kitchen hoods have become a necessity for kitchens, especially for families who are living in apartments. A powerful one will help to keep the whole house smelling fresh, as well as keeping the kitchen clean from fumes. Kitchens that are plagued with poor layouts and poor ventilation will definitely need a cooker hood, especially if you plan to cook a lot for your family. If you do not have one, it might be time for you to consider this as an upgrade!



#LiveBetter 3: The Better Hob

If you do a lot of cooking for the family, a good kitchen hob is needed! Besides offering better control, it also offers better heat transfer, which translates to efficiency. Hobs come in electric or gas, so it's important to understand the type of cooking that you usually do. Seasoned cooks with a family to feed might prefer a gas hob, while the single homeowner is happy with some simple boiling and steaming with an electric hob.

Hobs also come in metal or tempered glass, which might also be another factor when choosing one. Will you prefer a matchy-matchy situation with your kitchen design, or are you focusing on just the practical aspects of your kitchen hob? It all comes down to preference, but make sure you do your due dilligence.



#LiveBetter 4: Use a Dutch Oven!

A good Dutch oven can certainly make sure the dishes you're making will always be amazing! From making stews and curries, to baking meats and bread, a Dutch oven is certainly a handy item to have for the chef at home. There are a lot of brands out there to choose from, and a lot of them will do amazingly well when cooking with them, but do check them out in-person before comitting yourself to one. They can be very heavy and require a bit of extra care when using them, due to the enamel coating.



#LiveBetter 5: A Better Chopper

If you find yourself doing a lot of Asian cooking, a better chopper is a must! Not only it helps you to chop onions and garlic, it can help you to mince and combine fresh spices that you might find yourself using frequently. And of course, it cuts down time in the kitchen without making another extra mess for you to wash! Get yourself one that only chops and minces, or you can get one with more functions that can help you combine ingredients, like how a food processor does.


#LiveBetter, with Better Kitchen Helpers!

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