#LiveBetter: Here are the 5 Must-Have Gadgets For Families!

Families doesn’t always have to be all work but no play. They should allocate aside some time for their own entertainment to get the stress of both parents and kids. Here are some the must-haves that we think could help you with creating a more enjoyable time for the whole family!

Tablet + Smart Pen

A tablet is a great tool for kids nowadays as it helps to be an alternative to your usual laptop. It’s great with the right accessories such as a smart pen for instance that enables you to do tasks such as note taking, sketching and drawing with more accuracy and effiency!

The obvious choice for a tablet is definitely something from the higher-end, like an iPad. But did you know that there also other great alternatives out there if you want something different at a smaller price tag? The likes of Samsung are good if you want to purchase one.

Parents will also enjoy the added screen estate of the tablet and the convenience of the pen, great for taking down recipes or entertainment in general!


Wireless Headphones

Nowadays, going wireless is the easier way for you to experience great audio quality. No more having to untangle those wired headphones that could be damaging to itself. It’s time to cut off those pesky wires out of your life and get with the new wave of wireless headphones.

It can be a great companion for when you just want to listen some music, podcasts or even relaxing!

Don’t forget that it’s much more comfortable to go for a walk or a jog without having those wires getting in the way of you. That's great for sporty parents and teens looking forward to the weekend exercise time together.





Nowadays with the invention of smartwear devices like smartwatches and fitness trackers, it does sort of replace your conventional analog or digital watches as the smartwatches and fitness trackers come with much more advanced features and capabilities. As time passes, having one smartwatch or fitness tracker has become an essential!

Getting yourself one of these enables you track the fitness aspects of your life which could also be connected to your smartphone for a more detailed analysis and functions. Keeping track of your fitness is important as it does reminds you to take care of your body with reminders on your daily steps or if you have been sitting down for too long.

It can also be a helpful companion for families with the elderly. Some are equipped with an emergency notification that will send a message to the connected family member when it detects a fall. It can also be used to monitor heart rate, oxygen levels, and even blood pressure, useful signals to know when monitoring the health of the elderly daily.


Stand Desk

Sitting for long hours staring at your laptop is a common occurrence for parents and kids.Getting your family an adjustable stand desk can be a worthwhile investment in the long run!

A tip for you when using the laptop! The optimal viewing point for you to follow when using your laptop is between eye-level and 30° just below your line of sight. This is calculated by the fact that the natural position our eyes would look at is straight ahead and at rest it would be downwards. If it differs too much from that normal position, it cause some health problems including eye and neck strain and pains just to name a few.




This is an unusual pick, but having a drone for parents with kids can translate to better quality time! Head out to the park for a nice evening while flying it, capturing moments that will last a lifetime. It's also a great hobby to have, especially for kids who are interested in flying in general. The drone does not have to be top-of-the-line, but it needs to be robust enough to handle curious little hands!



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