Prep Your Home for Raya: 5 Tips to Know when Buying Vacuum CleanersPrep Your Home for Raya: 5 Tips to Know when Buying Vacuum Cleaners

Last-Minute Cleaning for a Festive and Sparkling CNY Home

Have you ever eagerly returned to your hometown for Chinese New Year, only to find that your mom is waiting for you to clean the house at the last minute?? Despite the surprise, you still do it because a spotless house can create a joyous atmosphere and elevate the celebration. As Chinese New Year marks the start of the lunar calendar, a clean home can serve as the heart of the festivities where traditions flourish and memories are cherished.

5-Quick Tips for Last-Minute Cleaning

Last-minute cleaning is still about efficiency and focusing on high-impact areas. Here’s a few tips on how to tackle a last-minute cleanup: 

Save Time on Vacuuming With a Cordless VacuumSave Time on Vacuuming With a Cordless Vacuum

1. Create Checklist

To save up your time more, try to list out a purposeful checklist for a meticulously crafted speed and efficiency plan. Walk through your house and find which part of the house is the dirtiest so you’re able to clean without overlooking – e.g. bedrooms, living room, kitchen, toilets.

From quick dusting to spotless surfaces, each task is designed for a sparkling home just in time for special occasions! Also, having a checklist gives you the satisfaction of what you have accomplished!

The Flooring of Your HomeThe Flooring of Your Home

2. Speedy Decluttering

Have you heard of the concept of a “magic basket” for fast decluttering? People usually use the magic basket to emphasise on the “hide and organise” approach, however in this case, the goal is to make it vanish and not to hide it!

Use a big laundry basket and a big trash bag and start to declutter! Zoom through each room tossing out unnecessary items in the trash bag and place all the dirty clothes in your basket. When all trash is gathered in one bag, it is easier for you to throw them in the big bin outside the house. For the dirty laundries, you can put them in the washer dryer and voilà! Decluttering your house, check!

Make Sure There’s A HEPA FilterMake Sure There’s A HEPA Filter

3.  Quick, Clean Floors

We know that many would avoid cleaning the floor because it takes ages to sweep and then mop them. Say, what if we got a solution for you? Instead of manually sweeping and mopping, you can use a vacuum and hit the button to wipe away the mess! Like Dyson Gen5 Detect Purple (SV23), it does wonders for deep cleaning to your home. But, if that’s not to your liking, you can always look for other vacuums.  

It’s still a hustle to be holding the vacuum and moving around with it around the house, we understand. Afterall, it is a last-minute cleaning. So, how about investing in some
robot vacuums? While you let it run around collecting dust on the floor, you could do other checklists and ta-da! Your floor is all sparkly. 

Maintaining the Vacuum CleanerMaintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

4. Ventilate Spaces

Airing out your home should be included in your cleaning routine be it last-minute or not. This would help your home to have:

  • a better air quality;
  • odour control and;
  • preventing stale air

    To enhance the quality of the air, the usage of air purifiers is highly recommended as it can:
  • filter outdoor particles;
  • neutralise odour and;
  • removes airborne particles. 

Air purifiers like Sharp Air Purifier SHP-FPJ30LB do all the points mentioned, but if you want an air purifier that cools the room as well, you can go for  Dyson Purifier Cool Formaldehyde TP09 Air Purifier. 


Maintaining the Vacuum CleanerMaintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

5. Scent Your Home

Now this would be the last touch of your final last-minute clean up hacks. A home enveloped with a nice fragrance would instantly boost your mood into a positive and welcoming vibe! You can light up some of your favourite scented candles or use essential oils in a diffuser with scents of citrus, lavender, peppermint or any of your pick.


 As you embark on the Lunar New Year countdown with a meticulously prepared and sparkling home, Senheng is here to enhance your festive experience. Our selection of home appliances ensures efficient and quick cleaning, perfect for your celebrations. Whether you explore our deals online or visit our stores in person, Senheng is your partner in making this Chinese New Year unforgettable.

May the Year of the Dragon propels your effort to the highest level of success!

Maintaining the Vacuum CleanerMaintaining the Vacuum Cleaner

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