The Niu Normal: 5 Ways to Celebrate CNY this YearThe Niu Normal: 5 Ways to Celebrate CNY this Year

The Niu Normal: 5 Ways to Celebrate CNY this Year

As much as the Chinese New Year is about prosperity and togetherness, this year’s celebration would have to be a little different.


Due to the pandemic, our celebration will most likely be done indoors and we might not be visiting our distant relatives across states.


That said, the silver lining here is that we’re living in a tech oriented environment, meaning with the right technology and creativity, we can still enjoy this year’s CNY to the fullest!

A virtual celebrationA virtual celebration

1. A virtual celebration

One of the most beautiful things of the Internet is that it allows us to connect with one another though we’re miles apart—this feature is especially handy during a time like this.


With a stable connection and a decent computer, you can still celebrate your Chinese New Year with your loved ones overseas or across borders.


Know that it isn’t the physical aspect of the celebration that counts, but the thought of connecting with the people you love despite the lockdown is what truly matters.

Binge watch CNY flicksBinge watch CNY flicks

2. Binge watch CNY flicks

The pandemic might take away our gatherings and reunion dinners but they it sure can’t take away our favourite CNY flicks!


A gorgeous TV paired with a powerful audio system is all you need to get your Stephen Chow movie marathon running!


Plus, with apps like Discord and Skype, you can watch your movies together with your friends and family using the screen share function!

Organize your furniture with Feng ShuiOrganize your furniture with Feng Shui

3. Organize your furniture with Feng Shui

Even if you’re not superstitious, there is no harm in redecorating your home in accordance with Feng Shui advices.


So if you’re someone that enjoys revamping your home with new home appliances during special events, you can just turn on the TV where most Feng Shui masters would be shedding their insights during this auspicious time of the year.


A great way to make your house look better and to get some spring cleaning done!

Discover more recipes and eat more snacks!Discover more recipes and eat more snacks!

4. Discover more recipes and eat more snacks!

One of the most enjoyable part of CNY is its delicacies. It is a time where our mothers bake some of the tastiest pineapple tarts and love letter cookies! The fragrant smell whiffing out from the kitchen oven is one of the few little moments we love so much.


As we have more time at home now, we can experiment with newer recipes for dishes and desserts. The ROBAM ST10 has pre-installed recipes that are dedicated for a healthy diet and is extremely user-friendly for first time cooks to use!


After taking in a bountiful of CNY snacks, it is wise to balance it out with a hale and hearty meal!

Shop online for new clothes and itemsShop online for new clothes and items

5. Shop online for new clothes and items

Traditionally, most of us will be shopping for New Year clothes to greet the CNY. Unfortunately, shopping malls are now closed to the public and people are now moving online to fulfill their yearly shopping fix.


And not only for clothes, one of the new norms is also shopping for appliances online. So if you’re eyeing to bolster your home with some of the best electrical appliances, be sure to visit our best brand selection where we also offer promos like extra warranties and complimentary delivery services!


All in all, we wish our beloved readers and customers a safe and prosperous Chinese New Year ahead. Stay safe and let’s beat this pandemic together!