The Samsung Galaxy S21 Pre-OrderThe Samsung Galaxy S21 Pre-Order

Why Should You Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Series From Us?

As we greet the New Year with open arms, we are also accompanied with a welcomed surprise from the tech world!


Knowing that there are countless of places you can pre-order the Galaxy S21 5G from—why us?

An EXTRA 1-year warrantyAn EXTRA 1-year warranty

1. Extra warranties for both our members

Traditionally, our PlusOne members will be getting a 1-year extra warranty (on top of the manufacturer’s), but it might be a little better for Citibank and PlusOne AEON card holders.


Our PlusOne Citi and PlusOne AEON members get to enjoy an additional 2-year warranty. So if you’re already an existing PlusOne AEON or Citibank card holder, this is the perfect time for you to register as our member.

Worthy installment optionsWorthy installment options

2. Worthy installment options

As a PlusOne member, you will be able to choose from a wide range of bank options for your installment plan.


Additionally, our in-house exclusive Easy Payment Plan (EPP) offers up to 36 months of interest free benefit.


Hence, if you’re someone who prefers an installment option, the EPP is extremely ideal for value!

Trade-in optionTrade-in option

3. Trade-in option

If you’re someone who is eagerly anticipating the Galaxy S21 5G, it is most likely that you are looking for a mobile phone switch.


Bring your old phone to any of our showrooms and you might be able to save an amount for the S21 5G!


Currently, our trade-in program for the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G can potentially—depending the model of your phone—save you up to RM 2,850.

Free delivery serviceFree delivery service

4. Free delivery service

With the current climate, it is understandable if our customers wouldn’t want to step foot outside their home unless necessary.


No worries, we’ll do the work for you. You can pre-order the Galaxy S21 5G devices online and when the product is properly packed and ready, we will safely deliver it to your doorstep.

Nationwide store pickupNationwide store pickup

5. Nationwide store pickup

Alternatively, you can also pickup your product from any of our showrooms.


When you’re pre-ordering online, you will be given an option to choose your store pickup. And when your product is ready, we will drop you a message which you can then proceed to the chosen showroom to collect.


We reckon you might also find other complementary devices from our stores to go along with your new Samsung Galaxy S21!

Brand and Chinese New Year vouchersBrand and Chinese New Year vouchers

6. Brand and Chinese New Year vouchers

It is almost coincidentally auspicious that the pre-order period for the Galaxy S21 falls during our CNY promo.


And as part of our seasonal promo, we will be featuring RM 50 vouchers for our CNY special.


Adding that with our ongoing RM 50 brand voucher deals, our customers can save up to RM 100 from their pre-order with us!

Additional gifts and rebatesAdditional gifts and rebates

7. Additional gifts and rebates

Aside from the gifts that are obtained from the register of interest and the ones from Samsung, there are other exclusives you can get while pre-ordering the Samsung Galaxy S21 from us. With a first come first serve basis, these are the following conditions to gain extra free gifts:-


-our special in-house PWP program allows our customers who have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G series to get up to 25% OFF our selected accessories 


-the first 300 HSBC/HSBC Amanah/-i Credit credit card members who make their pre-order using the said card will be entitled to a complimentary True Wireless Earbuds


-the first 100 customer who make the RM 300 deposit through GrabPay will get to enjoy a RM 15 instant savings (this promo is only available from our online deals)


-our PlusOne Gold and PlusOne Lady Gold members will also get to enjoy an extra 2% EZ Credit rebate


*Note that all the additional gifts mentioned above are subjected to its stocks’ availability.


Why wait? Pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S21 Series today here

A Breakdown of the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Series' Specs

From the table above, the main difference between these models is the S Pen Compatibility, which is only available for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. Other ones include camera specs, battery life and storage options.


Hence, be sure to check closely on the specs before making your pre-order!