7 Ways to Celebrate the New Year in the New Normal7 Ways to Celebrate the New Year in the New Normal

7 Ways to Celebrate the New Year in the New Normal

We’re almost at the end of 2020 and what a year it has been. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most people to adapt to a new lifestyle. As everything’s much limited, we’ve begun to adapt ourselves to a new norm—creative yet effective ways to carry on with our lives.


Here, we’ll be walking you through some of the ways you can celebrate the New Year at the comfort of your home!

Try out new recipesTry out new recipes

1. Try out new recipes

We’re pretty sure most cooks have a list of recipes that they have yet to attempt.


Take these recipes out of the drawer and try them out now! Create a welcoming feast for 2021 with brand new dishes and desserts.


Have a new butter cake flavor you want to try? Bake it!


Have a new steamboat soup flavor that you haven’t tasted? Try it!


With all that is going on, a hearty home-cooked meal might just be the cosy thing you’re looking for to start the New Year.

Virtual celebrationVirtual celebration

2. Virtual celebration

If you have been working from home, online meetings and virtual gatherings are probably the ways for you to get in touch with your colleagues. But Zoom and Google Meet aren’t necessarily designed for work. They can also be used for celebratory reasons!


Send your friends and family a Google Meet link—make sure they have a computer paired with a webcam—you can still enjoy each other’s company. Or else, there’s always smartphones!


Additionally, playing online games with your cam turned on is a great way to bond with friends.


If you’re down for this idea, remember to prep yourself by getting a great gaming controller and a headphone for the full experience!

In-house karaokeIn-house karaoke

3. In-house karaoke

What’s the new-year without music?


An indoor karaoke session during the New Year is awesome, given that your area is safe for small gatherings. You don’t really need an actual jukebox for this to work. All you need is a good audio system.


With a few mics, you can belt out your favorite tunes with your loved ones, but make sure not create a ruckus, or you might be disturbing your neighbours!

Go crazy on décorGo crazy on décor

4. Go crazy on décor

Earlier this week, we did a piece that suggests interesting ways you can wrap your Christmas gifts up, and it is a great activity to liven the mood.


We said go crazy right? So why stop with just the gifts?


Clean up your house and for a few days, and act out your interior designer dreams! In all seriousness, it doesn’t matter if you’re good at painting walls or home DIYs, but it is the experience that matters—showing your love to welcome 2021!


Get your relatives and friends to do it as well. During the celebration, snap a photo of your newly designed home and share it amongst them—be it for laughs or impression!

Board GamesBoard Games

5. Board Games

We understand that online games that we mentioned above might not be everyone’s cup of tea.


So let’s go traditional! Board games like Life and Monopoly are old but gold when it comes to gatherings.


Make sure to also enhance the experience with baked delicacies like some homemade chocolate chip cookies!


6. Reading

To our introverted followers, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you!


Constant socialising—online or in real life—can be lethargic. It is always good to wind down a little and sit back brew a cup of coffee and just read a book.


With a comfy chair and a book at hand, you can freely escape into a world of your own without any worries!


We would also recommend getting an air purifier for a better experience, as it helps clear out the air. Having a serene environment makes reading ever more pleasant!

Catch a movieCatch a movie

7. Catch a movie

Not the biggest fan of reading? Let’s take it to the screen!


Get streaming services like Netflix or Dimsum, depending on what you like to watch. Pair the app up with a smart TV and you got yourself an indoor cinema. Plus, if you’re still up for some Christmas classics, we’ve highlighted some of the best films to catch here.


We assure you that with a good TV, these movies will suck you right in!


As much as physical activities are limited during the pandemic, it is also a reminder that we should be grateful we still have the means to communicate with one another during this festive season.


That said, we wish you all a great year ahead!