How to Prepare for 11.11 BigONE Year End Festival?

From discounts to flash deals and free shipping, our 11.11 BigONE Year End Festival is coming to you soon! Check out 6 helpful tips here to breeze through the day, while getting your wish list fulfilled!

Be the First to KnowBe the First to Know

1. Be the First to Know

If you’re keen on buying certain products during our 11.11 BigONE Year End Festival, remember to follow our Facebook page and other social media platforms to know the latest promos! Or, you can seek out your nearest outlet and join us as our PlusOne member! You'll be getting all the latest updates you need.

Maximize you Purchasing PowerMaximize you Purchasing Power

2. Max Your Purchasing Power

Always pay your credit cards on time before the sale starts! This will make sure that your spending limit is at its most during your shopping spree, with no hiccups during checkout! If you would like to, you can also add on your credit card limit temporarily. But make sure you can pay your bill on time to avoid any interest charge! If you don't have a credit card, not to worry! There are now multiple payment options that you can use, such as myIOU PayLater and Senheng PayLater programs!

Add to CartAdd to Cart

3. Add to Cart

It’s a common mistake to wait until our 11.11 BigONE Year End Festival starts, and then only browse for items that you want to buy. Be a smart shopper this year and load up your cart with deals from us! When the time comes, all you have to do is just checkout!

Energise Yourself Energise Yourself

4. Energise Yourself

Be on top of your game for our 11.11 BigONE Year End Festival by getting plenty of rest! Treat yourself to a nap and some coffee if needed — the sale starts at midnight!

The Waiting GameThe Waiting Game

5. The Waiting Game

You’ve now managed to buy everything on your wish list, thanks to our 11.11 BigONE Year End Festival! Be prepared to wait, as we tackle the large number of orders coming our way. One helpful trick to speed up your orders just a little is to combine shipping for all of your orders, as much as possible. It’s better for the environment too!

Can’t Wait? Order Now & Collect laterCan’t Wait? Order Now & Collect later

6. Always Have Power Ready!

Because you'll be always reaching out for your devices during the sales period, don't forget to have the charger nearby! This will definitely help you, instead of rushing to find the charger during the sales frenzy!


Now go forth and shop your heart’s content during our 11.11 BigONE Year End Festival! Remember to stay safe too!