7 Tech Gifts to Surprise your Loved Ones this Christmas7 Tech Gifts to Surprise your Loved Ones this Christmas

7 Tech Gifts to Surprise your Loved Ones this Christmas

The occasion of gifts and togetherness is upon us once more—it’s Christmas!


One thing that makes Christmas great is the art of giving. Question is, what’s the ‘perfect’ gift?


Nearing the end of 2020, tech gadgets has always been a popular choice for gifts. So today, we’re here to breakdown on 7 interesting tech gifts you can present to your loved ones!

Wireless earphone this ChristmasWireless earphone this Christmas

1. Wireless earphone

Sounds good right? In recent times when we’re cooped up in our homes, almost everyone wants an escape of their own and music’s a popular choice—everyone wants to enjoy their music without external noise.


Problem is, wired earphones can be fragile and messy. Fortunately, Apple and Samsung have their own amazing line of wireless buds or pods that pack music quality with convenience.


So, if you have someone in mind that uses music as a form of escape, the wireless earphone is an ideal gift for them!

Smart Watches/Bands for this ChristmasSmart Watches/Bands for this Christmas

2. Smart Watches/Bands

Adrenaline junkies and gym rabbits might be having the blues, as most gyms are closed at the moment.


That said, many Malaysians have taken their exercise regime back home! One important aspect of working out is to make progress. With a smartwatch/band, one can easily track their progress or current health condition conveniently.


A certainly thoughtful yet healthy gift!

Mobile TabletMobile Tablet

3. Mobile Tablet

It’s easy to feel bored when staying in all day, but on the other hand, it can kick-start an idea.


With a tablet in hand, that strike of inspiration can easily be converted into something beautiful, be it an artwork or a well-written poem.


Microsoft is known for their Surface tablets and it’s a brilliant gift for someone that has an artistic bone in them.

Robot VacuumRobot Vacuum

4. Robot Vacuum

Cleaning chores are a drag. Nonetheless, it has to be done.


A conventional tool like a bag vacuum does the job, but innovation has allowed us to kick our feet up and let the appliance do the work.


A robot vacuum works with an AI that guides it into spots that are physically difficult to access. Additionally, it’s also extremely intelligent when it comes to sensing, as it reads the environment exceptionally well, avoiding knocking over furniture of sorts.


If you have a home maker buddy and you’re trying to impress him or her this Christmas, the robotic vacuum cleaner is the way to go!

Wireless ChargerWireless Charger

5. Wireless Charger

Although the wireless charger is very practical for all smartphone users, it is ironically underused by Malaysians, with most of us preferring to charge with cables.


Hence, gifting a wireless charger checks the surprise box. Brands Belkin and Rapoo are decent options with reasonable pricing for what it delivers.


Have a friend that is a phone addict or a social media practitioner? A wireless charger might be the Christmas gift that would charge them up to the occasion.

Gaming LaptopGaming Laptop

6. Gaming Laptop

When we’re stuck indoors, video games come to us as one of the best company—especially for introverts!


Recently, MSI and Asus have released superb gaming laptops that justify its price. And the notion of gaming laptops solely being used for gaming is untrue. Its high-end specs are just as helpful for rendering design models.


Essentially, gaming laptops aren’t particularly for gamers but can also find use in helping interior designers and developers.


It’s a highly recommended gift for someone that is constantly using CPU intensive software like Photoshop or a CAD.

Sound BarSound Bar

7. Sound Bar

Is your friend or family member a moviegoer? With a proper sound bar, they can have a theater-like experience back at home!


SONY and LG’s sound bars are famed for their audio quality. And not just for movies, sound effects for modern games are also deeply enhanced.

If you know a friend that’s a getting the PS5, gifting him a sound bar is a pretty nice add-on. He might even reserve the Player 2 spot for just you too!