Smart Shopping: Can you tell the difference between our PlusOne Card Tiers?

Yes, they are colourful. But do you know they are also different in ways? Our PlusOne Card comes in 3 types with two levels. Today we are here to break down what are the differences amongst these card tiers.

Before moving forward, we would just like to list down the type of cards available with us:-

-PlusOne e-Classic (has a Gold variation)
-PlusOne Lady (has a Gold variation)
-PlusOne Corporate
-PlusOne Citi

PlusOne Classic and its Gold variant. Benefits of shopping with us.

This is the card with the greenish outlook—the one you probably see most often—and is a classic amongst our stores faithful.

The benefits are humungous. We’ve covered the benefits of why you should shop from us earlier last week which elaborates on what makes us stand out from other stores. As a recap, these are the general benefits one can get when they are a PlusOne e-classic card holder.

-Extra 1-year warranty (on top of the manufacturer’s warranty)
-Replacement warranty
-Free delivery service (limited to products that cost RM 100 and above)
-EZ Credit Rebate
-Reward Points

But now let us dive a little bit deeper on its gold variant and why is this gold tier card that much valued over the classic one.

For one—it’s gold in colour—but in all seriousness, the PlusOne Gold card basically has all of the above mentioned benefits but at higher rates. For instance, the EZ credit rebate you are getting would be increased by an additional 2% and your reward points ratio is higher—spending RM 20 equals to 6 points!

In essence, at the gold tier, you are getting your items at a much better value, better rate and a super cool looking card you can show-off to your peers.

Now the million dollar question is—how am I to apply for the PlusOne Gold card?

You don’t. After buying a certain amount from us, you will receive a message stating that your eligibility in upgrading your card to the gold status, hence you have to be a PlusOne classic member first before ascending to the gold status.

PlusOne Lady and its Gold variant. Ladies shop will extra benefits with us

PlusOne Lady and its gold variant 

While the International Women Day only happens annually on the 8 th of March, it is an everyday event with us!

The PlusOne Lady has all the benefits that the PlusOne e-Classic, but with even more! If you have been keeping up with our newsletters or social media postings, you might’ve noticed that several in-house campaigns that include a chance on going on a free trip with a few criteria. Here’s the neat thing, ladies who hold a PlusOne Lady card get double the chance!

What do we mean by ‘double chance’? Let’s say we are having a contest where only one entry is permitted per customer. However, if you are a PlusOne Lady holder, your entry is doubled—you are essentially submitting two applications—, increasing your odds in winning the competition!

Additionally, on female centric events like Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, holders can earn up to 5 times in reward points while also having exclusive invites to our occasional cooking classes where would also highlight a certain brand and their top kitchen appliances.

Three times the charm? If a PlusOne Lady user is to renew their membership for 2 years, did you know that the following 3 rd year is free of charge? Talk about a bargain!

As for its gold variation, it covers the entirety of the benefits for the PlusOne Lady stated above with higher rates for EZ Credit Rebate and Reward Points.

PlusOne Citi and its special benefits for Citibank credit card holders

PlusOne Citi

This card that is professionally black in colour and you will probably see it in one of your friends that are also holders of a Citibank credit card. The reason we say this is because the prerequisite to sign up for the PlusOne Citi membership is customers will need a Citibank credit card.

And now for the juicy bit. What are the perks of being a PlusOne Citi user?

If you’ve noticed, the cards that we have mentioned so far have all included an extra 1-year warranty. PlusOne Citi here takes it up the notch, allowing holders to have an extra 2-year warranty instead! Note that the first year payment for this program is also excluded, meaning you would only need to pay the following year! Besides, you will customers will also get all of the classic PlusOne benefits.

Plus, there are also a lot of collaborations between Citibank and us, which means that there will be a lot of campaigns or events that we will be conducting together and this is highly beneficial to PlusOne Citi holders which will be the priority in getting these rewards!