6 Appliances You Probably Didn’t Know Were Invented By Women6 Appliances You Probably Didn’t Know Were Invented By Women

6 Appliances You Probably Didn’t Know Were Invented By Women

When we say Thomas Edison or Elon Musk, most of us would instantly recognize these figures who have invented great things.


However, if we were to mention Josephine Cochrane or Marie Van Brittan Brown, the majority would probably be scratching their heads, wondering who they are!


Today, we will be looking into some of the nifty appliances that have been invented by women of the past.


They are often not recognized and underappreciated, but we will do our best to highlight some of the more iconic ones.

Home security system—Marie Van Brittan BrownHome security system—Marie Van Brittan Brown

1. Home security system—Marie Van Brittan Brown

Yes, those TP-Link home cameras you have recently installed came from the brilliant mind of this New Yorkian.


Formerly a nurse, this amazing lady had the inspiration of inventing a home-based surveillance machine, when she was confounded by how long it took for the police officers to arrive at her place.


The first home security camera invented by Marie would then prompt further improvements to home security systems like the CCTV and alarm-triggering buttons.

The COBOL system—Grace HopperThe COBOL system—Grace Hopper

2. The COBOL system—Grace Hopper

While it isn’t exactly an appliance, but the COBOL is a programming language that many computers and machines still use today.


Primarily used for business-oriented machines like LENOVO’s ThinkPad line, the COBOL programming language was developed by Hopper when she was in the navy during World War II.


Nicknamed the “Amazing Grace” Hopper’s era-defining invention has gave birth to the iconic “de-bugging” term which is still heavily used today!

3. Coffee filter—Melitta Bentz3. Coffee filter—Melitta Bentz

3. Coffee filter—Melitta Bentz

That little piece of round paper that is imperative for your coffee maker was the creation of this German genius, Melitta Bentz.


Wanting to remove the bitter taste in her coffee, Bentz figured by using a piece of disposable paper and have it trap the coffee grounds that allows the coffee flow through.


This filtering concept still being applied today in modern coffee makers worldwide.

Dishwasher—Josephine CochraneDishwasher—Josephine Cochrane

4. Dishwasher—Josephine Cochrane

Complaining on and on about doing the dishes had Josephine Cochrane going crazy!


Her iconic quote “If nobody else is going to invent a dish washing machine, I’ll do it myself” is a statement to her confidence and passion in solving what is still a problem in today’s households!


After her husband left, she begun developing the first dishwasher and after patenting her own invention, the dishwasher is said to be a staple in homes in the mid-90s until today.

Caller IDs—Dr. Shirley Ann JacksonCaller IDs—Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

5. Caller IDs—Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson

Being able to tell who’s calling you before answering the phone call is a convenient feature. Well, this feature wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for MIT’s alumni Dr. Shirley.


Earning a doctorate at what is arguably the most prestigious tech institute wasn’t enough for Shirley. While she was working for AT&T, she and her team developed the technology behind caller IDs which has since been a staple to all mobile phones.

Ironing Board—Sarah BooneIroning Board—Sarah Boone

6. Ironing Board—Sarah Boone

While the concept isn’t fully invented by Boone, the conventional ironing board model is heavily influenced by her idea.


She invented a model that allows users to iron both sides of a sleeve with ease. This key difference in ironing board saw a huge leap in convenience homemakers then.

Without these women—as a matter of fact without all women—our lives will be significantly harder!


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