Raya Away From Home: 5 Easy Cookie Recipes to TryRaya Away From Home: 5 Easy Cookie Recipes to Try

We have with us are a couple of recipes that are both easy and feasible to be done yourself—for a Raya celebration with a taste from home!

As Ramadhan is now in full force, a lot of our Muslim, or even non-Muslim friends, would take advantage of the fasting period to lose weight and take on healthier habits. Just like our previous recipe guide for Chinese New Year delicacies, we are here again with another guide, this time about healthier meal plans that take you from sahur until after iftar!

While this year’s CNY might be a little different, we would want this annual dinner to be nothing less than ordinary.

Today, we’ll walk you through some of the easy CNY recipes that you can try on your own! The ingredients are always easy to find on supermarket shelves, so it’s okay if you’re cooking up a storm last minute!

Hari Raya or Ramadan is without a doubt one of the most peaceful and serene festivals celebrated all around the globe, and with that, it also welcomes exceptional culinary delights.

Who could have missed out on CNY snacks as one of the ACTUAL blessings of this festive event? It is the time where gluttony is encouraged and diet regimes meet their end. These treaties are mercilessly devoured by kids and adults alike, so let us traverse into the culinary titbits that makes our CNY that much more enjoyable.