The best AI-based home appliances

AI-driven appliances: What AI-based appliances to look out for!

In layman terms, AI (artificial intelligence) is a technological advent where a simulation of human intelligence is implemented on an object or system.

Having said that, AI tech has found its way into most of our daily appliances—be it a broomstick or a TV—is the current norm or at least what is expected for tech enthusiasts is that their product is at least compatible with AI technology.

Hence, the question lies to what type of products benefit the most from AI and we’re here to walk you through it!

AI Washing Machines

Washing Machines

Even today, many users find themselves stuck or lost when trying to operate a traditional washing machine. While their functions are aplenty, some functions are negligible and frustrating.

However, when integrated with an AI system, the entire playing field is different as almost all its functionalities and options are automated to cater to its user’s preferences. Automatic pre-washes and power-saving pre-sets are examples of hassle-free built-in features, specialized to only AI tech washing machines.

Besides, AI washing machine are usually interconnected with a specific app of its brand which acts as both remote control and a guide to each functions’/modes’ purpose.

Plus, this also solves the perpetual problem of us not being able to wrap our heads around what a specific icon/function does!

AI vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners have come a long way. From your old-school gigantic sack that produces ear-bleeding sound to the aesthetically charming stick vacuum cleaners .

Currently, the AI-driven robotic vacuums are making waves in the market with its unique built and architecture that works immaculately well with its intuitive functions that self operates.

Yes, users wouldn’t even need to lift their fingers when it comes to cleaning. Most of these robotic vacuums move freely on their own with a sensor that helps to navigate them to spots needed to clean.

Needless to say, AI-enhanced vacuums are generally more efficient and removes the physically taxing part out of the cleaning equation. One might argue that the price can be a tad steep but what you would get out of this appliance is totally worth it.

AI Air Conditioner

Air Conditioners

“Where’s the remote!” is screamed at least once with every member of the family. Either the remote is hidden between the sofa cushions or possibly in the dog’s belly.

In all seriousness, a modern AI integrated air conditioner is controlled through an app where essentially it shares the perks to the aforementioned AI washing machines in the convenience and accessibility department.

Internally, a good amount of its functions are automated like cleaning and maintenance; note that this doesn’t replace physical maintenance but helps to keep it operating at an optimum and consistent level.

Unlike vacuum cleaners and washing machines, new lines of air conditioners are mostly AI-based; hence it is not too wild of a guess that these air conditioners might be the coming norm and the production of conventional air-cons might not be around soon.



TVs are arguably the most well-known common appliance that utilized the AI technology. This is largely due to the fact that TVs being able to connect to the Internet have enabled streaming services and video hosts like Youtube and Netflix to be compatible with the big screen.

Of course, screen-sharing was a feature ages ago but smart TVs combined with an operating system have a technological framework that merges well with the ecosystem; your streaming sites are now in the form of apps and made highly accessible, even for novices.

Other exclusives would be voice-search functions that operate on vocal sound. A simple vocal command would be recognized and interpreted by the TV’s artificial intelligence and the said order would be operated seamlessly.

Are AI appliances worth it?

Final verdict: Are they worth it?

It is not a ground-breaking claim that AI devices/appliances are hefty in its pricing, some would even argue that it is flauntingly negligible and serves only as a form of luxury.

The narrative is usually “My old plasma TV is working perfectly fine for 5 years, why would I need to switch to a new AI one that practically does the same thing?”

While it is not unwarranted; ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’ is a commendable mentality to have whilst going through this economic recession period, but we have to ask ourselves, will that plasma TV be ‘negligible’ when apps like Netflix overtakes traditional cable TV; far-fetched yet jarringly possible.

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