What is Neo QLED? Samsung's TV Tech Explained

Have you noticed how bright and clear the latest TVs are? Samsung, a top TV brand, has launched Neo QLED. This new tech makes colours pop and details sharper. It's like the screen comes to life.

Neo QLED TVs use very small Quantum Mini LEDs. They are 1/40 the size of usual LEDs. This makes images clearer and more real . The tech mixes QLED's bright colours with the accuracy of mini LEDs.

The Neo QLED 8K model is really something. It has a super-fast NQ8 AI Gen3 processor. It makes pictures look amazing, whether in 8K or 4K. So, no matter what you watch, it's super clear and detailed.

Introducing Samsung Neo QLED Technology

Introducing Samsung Neo QLED Technology

In 2021, Samsung unveiled Neo QLED technology as part of their QLED line . It uses Quantum Mini LEDs, much smaller than standard LEDs. This innovation brings viewers sharper images, more detail, and clearer pictures.

Neo QLED TVs also feature Quantum Matrix Technology. It controls the tiny LEDs with precision, reducing blooming effects. This control ensures dark scenes stay dark and bright scenes are clear, making each image come to life.

Central to Neo QLED TVs is the Neo Quantum Processor with AI for upscaling. It enhances any content to 8K or 4K quality. This means movies and all shows look stunning, no matter their initial quality.

These Neo QLED TVs are packed with top features like 120Hz refresh rates and Quantum HDR 64x. They also have Object Tracking Sound+. While OLED shines in contrast, Neo QLED excels in colour accuracy and brightness. This makes them great for bright rooms and watching HDR content.

Thinking of upgrading your TV? Samsung's Neo QLED is worth considering. It combines the latest tech, beautiful pictures, and sleek design. With various sizes and models, there's a Neo QLED TV to fit every home and budget.

The Evolution of Samsung's Display Innovations

The Evolution of Samsung's Display Innovations

Samsung is a leader in the global TV market, staying on top for 15 years. They focus on new display tech, making sure every year is better than the last. This drive brings us brighter pictures and more vivid colours.

History of Samsung's QLED Technology

In 2015, Samsung started using QLED tech in their TVs. It boosted brightness, contrast, and colours over LED TVs. They keep making QLED better by adding bigger quantum dots and improved colour filters .

Advancements in Picture Quality and Performance

In 2024, Samsung launched Neo QLED technology, a big step forward. Neo QLED uses tiny LEDs to give amazingly detailed pictures. These TVs use a special kind of LED that's 1/40th as tall, packing more light and colour in each TV .

Neo QLED TVs also have a powerful processor, now with 16 neural networks instead of just 1. This upgrade means pictures look better, even if the source isn't the highest quality. With 12 bits of brightness and the Quantum Matrix, they make images really bright and clear, up to 4,000 nits.

Energy efficiency is also key for Samsung. They've made Neo QLEDs smart with local dimming to save power yet still boost contrast. Samsung keeps up with the need for larger screens by refining Neo QLED. This tech also uses smart screen control and small, powerful parts.

The 2024 Neo QLED 8K lineup features the NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, a big leap from before. This time, it has 512 neural networks.

Samsung's goal with Neo QLED is to make viewing as good as being there. They want to change how we see displays, always setting new TV tech standards. Samsung ensures we get stunning, immersive content at home, every time.

What Is Neo QLED?

What Is Neo QLED?

Samsung created Neo QLED by merging Quantum Dot tech with mini LEDs. This mix brings us better picture quality, brightness, and contrast. In 2021, Samsung introduced its first Neo QLED TV. This TV uses Mini LED tech for an amazing viewing experience.

Quantum Mini LED Technology

Quantum Mini LED tech uses super tiny sources of light. They are about 1/40 the size of regular LEDs. This lets them make LED arrays that are packed more tightly. This means better brightness control and clearer dark areas. Samsung's Neo QLED tech uses these small LEDs. They give us brighter whites, darker blacks, and more vivid colours .

Quantum Matrix Technology

Quantum Matrix Tech finely controls Quantum Mini LEDs. This reduces blooming and helps you see deeper blacks and brighter colours. Neo QLEDs can show up to a billion different colours. They also have better contrast and HDR. The experience gets even better when you use them with a Samsung Q Series soundbar. This setup creates an amazing sound and picture combination.

Neo Quantum Processor

The Neo Quantum Processor uses AI to improve picture quality. It works on content from different sources to give us 8K or 4K quality. Samsung has QLED, Neo QLED, and OLED options. Each is good for different light settings. Neo QLED TVs come in sizes from 4K to 8K.

Only Samsung offers Neo QLED TVs. This is because of their special Quantum Mini LED tech. These TVs come in sizes from 43" to 85" for the 4K models, and 65" to 85" for the 8K models. Samsung Neo QLED TVs also have super quick 120Hz refresh rates and very low input lag. This makes gaming much better.

Enhanced Picture Quality with Neo QLED

Enhanced Picture Quality with Neo QLED

Samsung's Neo QLED technology makes watching TV an amazing experience. This tech uses very small Quantum Mini LEDs. They're just 1/40th the size of regular LEDs. Because of this, Neo QLED TVs can show pictures with incredible detail. You get better brightness, contrast, and overall picture quality.

Improved Brightness and Contrast

Neo QLED TVs are really bright and have great contrast. They can go over 2,000 nits in brightness. This beats OLED TVs by a lot, as they normally reach about 700 nits . Such brightness makes scenes vivid, even in daylight. The Quantum Mini LEDs control light very precisely. This means you get deep blacks and a wide range of colours and brightness.

Deeper Blacks and Vibrant Colours

Neo QLED doesn't just shine bright; it makes black tones and colours pop. It uses Quantum Matrix Technology to make this happen. This tech allows for deep blacks and shows up to a billion different colours. With it, you see clear details and enjoy true-to-life dark colours and light shades.

Reduced Blooming and Enhanced Details

Traditional LED and QLED TVs often have a blooming problem. It makes bright areas spread light into dark places on the screen. But Neo QLED fixes this thanks to its many LEDs and dimming zones . This means you see better contrast and more clarity. So, you can spot details and subtle changes in light and dark scenes easily.

The Neo Quantum Processor also plays a big role. It uses AI to boost resolution, sharpness, and texture. This way, all content looks sharp and detailed, no matter its quality.

Brightness High (2,000+ nits) High (1,500+ nits) Moderate (700 nits)
Contrast Ratio High Moderate Infinite
Colour Volume High (up to 1 billion colours) High (wide colour gamut) High (wide colour gamut)
Blooming Reduction Excellent Good Perfect (no blooming)
Ideal Environment Bright and dark rooms Bright rooms Dark rooms

Neo QLED changes how you see TV. It's great for any room. From bright living rooms to dark home cinemas, Neo QLED makes every scene look amazing.

Neo QLED vs Traditional QLED: What's the Difference?

Neo QLED vs Traditional QLED: What's the Difference?

When we look at Neo QLED and traditional QLED technologies, both use quantum dots to make colours better. But, Neo QLED is way ahead by adding Quantum Mini LEDs. These are much smaller than what's in traditional QLED TVs. So, Neo QLED TVs shine brighter, have better dark parts, and show colours more accurately.

Traditional QLEDs need bigger LED lights. This can make the screen too bright in some areas and not bright enough in others. Neo QLED’s small Quantum Mini LEDs avoid this problem, thanks to their Quantum Matrix Technology. This means Neo QLED TVs can be brighter where they should be and darker where they have to be. They also show a bigger range of colours than traditional QLEDs can.

Now, let’s talk about how fast and smart they are. Neo QLED TVs have a Neo Quantum Processor that's really advanced. It's better at making low-quality videos look great on the screen. This makes everything you watch more detailed and clear. It feels like you're really in the scene.

Feature Traditional QLED Neo QLED
Quantum Dot Technology Yes Yes
Backlight Technology Conventional LEDs Quantum Mini LEDs
Local Dimming Less precise Ultra-fine and precise
Peak Brightness High Higher
Colour Volume Wide Wider
Processor Quantum Processor Neo Quantum Processor
Resolution Minimum 4K Up to 8K

So, in a nutshell, both types of TVs are top-notch for picture quality. But Neo QLEDs are a step ahead in delivering a great viewing experience. Thanks to their advanced tech and powerful processor, they offer better brightness, contrast, and colours. For those who love top-quality home entertainment, Neo QLED is the best choice.

Neo QLED's AI-Powered Features

Neo QLED's AI-Powered Features

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs bring a lot to the table with their AI features. They make watching TV a whole new experience. You get top-notch picture quality, viewing that's just for you, and sound so clear it feels like you're there.

AI Upscaling for Optimised Picture Quality

Neo QLED TVs use AI upscaling to give you great image quality. The NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor in the 2024 Neo QLED 8K QN900D improves everything. It's faster and smarter, turning content into bright, crystal clear 8K or 4K images.

Adaptive Picture for Personalised Viewing

With Adaptive Picture, Neo QLED TVs check the room's light level. Then, they adjust brightness and contrast for the best view. Day or night, you'll see your favourite shows just as they should be.

Active Voice Amplifier for Clear Dialogue

Neo QLED's Active Voice Amplifier ensures you never miss dialogue. Exclusive to the 2024 Neo QLED 8K QN900D, it uses AI to make speech clearer. This means you can follow the story easily, even when it's noisy.

AI-Powered Feature Benefit
AI Upscaling Optimises picture quality to 8K or 4K resolution
Adaptive Picture Adjusts brightness and contrast based on ambient light
Active Voice Amplifier Enhances dialogue clarity in real-time

Neo QLED's AI features work together to make TV better. From movies to shows, everything looks and sounds amazing. This is TV that's all about you and your enjoyment.

Immersive Audio Experience with Neo QLED

Immersive Audio Experience with Neo QLED

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs bring an amazing audio experience. They use Object Tracking Sound (OTS) and Q-Symphony for fantastic sound. This makes you feel part of the show, immersing you in every scene.

Object Tracking Sound Technology

Object Tracking Sound (OTS) in Neo QLED TVs is amazing. It uses speakers placed around the TV to make sound come from the right place. The sound moves with the action on the screen, pulling you into the moment. This way, you feel the excitement all around you, making each scene feel real.

Q-Symphony for Harmonised Sound

Q-Symphony joins your Neo QLED TV and Samsung Soundbar for great sound. It links the TV's speakers with the soundbar. Together, they fill your room with clear, rich sound. You'll feel fully part of the show, like you're right there in the scene.

Technology Benefits
Object Tracking Sound
  • Dynamic and realistic soundscape
  • Audio follows on-screen action
  • Enhances immersion and engagement
  • Harmonises TV and soundbar audio
  • Creates a multi-dimensional sound experience
  • Delivers rich, detailed sound that fills the room

These advanced sound features make Samsung's Neo QLED TVs perfect for enjoying shows and movies. The quality sound matches the stunning visuals, giving you a whole new experience.

Neo QLED's Sleek and Minimalist Design

Neo QLED's Sleek and Minimalist Design

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs have a sleek and minimalist look. They fit well with any home style. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K has an Infinity Screen design. This design makes the bezels nearly disappear, making you feel more part of what you're watching. The TV uses a stainless steel frame that's just 0.8mm thick. This makes the screen look like it's floating, adding to the simple and clean design.

Samsung also offers a Slim Fit Wall-Mount with the Neo QLED. It lets you put the TV right up against the wall. This keeps the look of your room tidy and clean.

These TVs are also clever when it comes to managing cables. The Renewed One Connect is a small but important part. Samsung has made it just right so it looks good in any room. They've also made the Attachable Slim One Connect. This tool works as a TV stand too. Samsung put a lot of work in to make this design just perfect. It helps hide your cables, so your space looks neat and tidy.

The One Connect makes using the TV simple and easy. Samsung thought a lot about how to make this part blend perfectly. This way, your TV doesn’t just look great. It also works well in your home.

Feature Benefit
Infinity Screen design Maximizes viewer immersion with minimal bezels
Ultra-slim profile Complements any home decor
Slim Fit Wall-Mount Allows flush installation against the wall for a seamless appearance
Attachable Slim One Connect Keeps cables out of sight for a clean, organised look

Samsung's TVs keep getting better. They mix top tech with a simple, elegant design. With the Neo QLED, you get the best watching experience. Plus, your room looks modern and tidy.

Gaming Enhancements with Neo QLED

Gaming Enhancements with Neo QLED

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs are perfect for keen gamers. They bring a range of features to make gaming better. With top-notch tech and smart design, these TVs make your gaming experience really immersive.

Super Ultrawide GameView

With Super Ultrawide GameView, you get a wider view, just like a dedicated monitor. It features 32:9 and 21:9 aspect ratios. This makes gaming more immersive, allowing you to see enemies and obstacles more clearly and react faster to challenges.

4K Gaming at 120 Frames per Second

Game in 4K at 120 frames per second for smooth and detailed gameplay. This high refresh rate means you see the action clearly, whether it's racing or combat. Samsung's Game Bar 3.0 helps you manage your gaming setup efficiently.

Auto Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate

Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) cut input lag and screen tearing. This ensures your game runs smoothly across different genres and platforms. The Virtual Aim Point and Game Motion Plus features make aiming and motion in games even smoother.

Additional Gaming Features

Neo QLED TVs have many gaming features. They include MiniMap Sharing and Auto HDR Remastering for better visuals. For great sound, pair your TV with a Samsung soundbar.

Multi View and Freestyle2

With Multi View, you can game with friends on one screen. Freestyle2 lets you choose different themes for your gaming experience. Samsung's Neo QLED TVs are great for everyone, from casual players to hardcore gamers. They offer the best gaming with advanced tech and stylish design.

Feature Benefit
Super Ultrawide GameView Provides wider aspect ratios (32:9, 21:9) for immersive gaming
4K Gaming at 120 FPS Ensures smooth, detailed gameplay with high refresh rates
Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) Reduces input lag and screen tearing for smoother gaming
Virtual Aim Point and Game Motion Plus Enhances aiming and motion in games
MiniMap Sharing and Auto HDR Remastering Improves game visuals and detail
Multi View Allows multiple players to game on one screen
Freestyle2 Provides customizable gaming themes

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs offer the best gaming experience with exceptional picture and sound quality, making them perfect for everyone from casual players to hardcore gamers.

Eco-Friendly Features of Neo QLED TVs

Eco-Friendly Features of Neo QLED TVs

Samsung's Neo QLED TVs show their commitment to the environment by using eco-friendly features. For instance, the new SolarCell Remote is made partly from recycled materials. It has a solar panel to charge from indoor light. This could save up to 99 million AA batteries in the next seven years.

Also, the packaging for Neo QLED TVs can easily be turned into useful home items. You can follow the dotted lines and instructions to make things like shelves and phone stands. This way, it reduces the amount of packaging waste and lets up to 200,000 tons of boxes be upcycled each year.

The TVs are also designed to be energy efficient. They have features like Ambient Mode and Adaptive Picture which adjust to save power. These features are part of Samsung's effort to cut down on the electricity used by their TVs.

The Neo QLED 8K TV range goes even further in being green. It comes with eco-friendly packaging and a solar-powered remote. These steps fit Samsung's 'Together for Tomorrow' plan. This is their promise to work towards a better, greener future.

Eco-Friendly Feature Description
SolarCell Remote Made from 24% recycled content, rechargeable via built-in solar panel, reducing battery waste
Eco-Packaging Designed for easy upcycling into household items, minimizing packaging waste
Energy Efficiency Ambient Mode and Adaptive Picture adjust brightness and power consumption based on viewing environment

With its focus on recycled materials, energy-saving tech, and green packaging, Samsung is working to be more eco-friendly. These efforts are part of their goal to lower their carbon footprint and encourage green practices in the TV world.

As people care more about the planet, the eco perks of Neo QLED TVs are a good reason to choose Samsung. They offer top-notch tech that's good for the environment.


Samsung's Neo QLED technology is a big step forward in TV tech. It brings top-notch picture quality, great sound, and many new features. With quantum mini LED tech, Samsung controls brightness and colour more precisely. The Neo Quantum Processor uses AI to make each frame look the best it can.

Neo QLED TVs are great for movies and games. They support 4K at 120 frames per second and include features like Super Ultrawide GameView for gamers. Technologies like Object Tracking Sound and Q-Symphony make the audio just as impressive as the visuals, creating a cinema-like experience at home.

SolarCell Remote Control

Samsung shows its green side with the SolarCell Remote for Neo QLED TVs. Made from recycled materials, this remote can charge with indoor light. This reduces battery waste and helps the environment over the TV's life

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Eco-Packaging for Upcycling

Both the remote and the TV's packaging are green. Samsung's eco-packaging can be turned into useful items like shelves. Following the instructions provided, it’s easy to reduce waste and do some upcycling at home.

Samsung's Neo QLED TV range impresses with its tech, AI features, great sound, and gaming benefits. Plus, it's good for the planet. As more people look for quality, performance, and eco-friendliness in their tech, Samsung is ready to meet their needs. This cements Samsung's role as a top player in the TV market.

Samsung's Neo QLED Lineup and Sizes

Samsung has a big selection of Neo QLED TVs in different sizes and resolutions. This is to meet every consumer's need. The top Neo QLED 8K line, for example, includes the QN900D. It comes in sizes from 65 to 85 inches, offering brilliant 8K pictures. It also has the latest NQ8 AI Gen3 Processor, which is much faster and more advanced. Compared to the 2023 model, it's up to 2 times faster in some aspects. The QN900D includes special technology like Real Depth Enhancer Pro, Object Tracking Sound, and Active Voice Amplifier Pro, making your viewing experience better.

The Neo QLED 4K series is packed with models like the QN90C and QN85C. They are also available in various sizes from 32" to 98" . Besides having great picture quality, these models are priced more affordably. The Real Depth Enhancer Pro feature is seen in the QN95D and QN90D models too10. You can pick from TVs that are as small as 43 inches to as large as 85 inches. This means there's something for every space and preference.

Neo QLED TVs have cool extras. For instance, Q-Symphony combines Samsung TVs with Soundbars for amazing sound. There's also Cloud Gaming . This lets you play games from services like XBOX and NVIDIA GeForce Now without a console. Plus, the Neo QLED TVs have a SmartThings hub. It supports Matter, a popular IoT connectivity standard, making it easy to control smart home gadgets. Samsung Knox Security is there to protect your personal info with strong software and hardware.


  1. What is Neo QLED technology?

    Neo QLED is Samsung's latest display tech. It uses Quantum Dot tech and mini LEDs. This combo boosts picture quality, brightness, and contrast.

  2. How does Neo QLED differ from traditional QLED?

    Both Neo QLED and traditional QLED improve colour with quantum dots. Neo QLED goes further. It adds Quantum Mini LEDs for better brightness and contrast.

  3. What are the key features of Neo QLED TVs?

    Neo QLED TVs contain Quantum Mini LED tech and precise control of mini LEDs. They also have the Neo Quantum Processor. It powers upscaling and optimises picture quality with AI.

  4. How does Neo QLED enhance picture quality?

    Neo QLED boosts picture quality by improving brightness and contrast. This is thanks to precise control and advanced local dimming. It shows deeper blacks, brighter highlights, and richer colours.

  5. What AI-powered features do Neo QLED TVs offer?

    Neo QLED TVs use AI to improve the viewing experience. This includes AI Upscaling, Adaptive Picture, and Active Voice Amplifier.

  6. What audio features do Neo QLED TVs have?

    Neo QLED TVs provide dynamic sound with OTS and Q-Symphony. These technologies follow the action on screen, making it feel real.

  7. Are Neo QLED TVs good for gaming?

    Yes, Neo QLED TVs boost gaming with special features. These include Super Ultrawide GameView and support for 4K at 120 FPS. ALLM and VRR are also supported.

  8. What eco-friendly features do Neo QLED TVs have?

    Samsung's Neo QLED TVs are eco-friendly. They have the SolarCell Remote made from recycled stuff. The eco-packaging turns into household items. They also save energy with Ambient Mode and Adaptive Picture.

  9. What sizes are available in Samsung's Neo QLED lineup?

    The Neo QLED lineup at Samsung comes in sizes from 43 inches to 85 inches. They offer both 4K and 8K models. This caters to different needs and preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Neo QLED is Samsung's cutting-edge display technology that combines the benefits of QLED with the precision of Quantum Mini LEDs.
  • Quantum Mini LEDs are 1/40 the size of standard LEDs, enabling crisper images and enhanced picture quality.
  • The Neo Quantum Processor uses AI to optimise picture quality, delivering stunning 8K and 4K output.
  • Neo QLED TVs offer features like advanced contrast mapping, EyeComfort mode, and a comfortable viewing experience with Matte Displays.
  • Samsung's Neo QLED technology is set to revolutionise the viewing experience with its unparalleled picture quality and immersive visuals.

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