PS5 vs PS5 Slim: Comparing Sony's Gaming Consoles

Love gaming but hate the big box in your room? You're not alone. Many gamers find the original PS5's bulk annoying. But fear not, Sony answered in October 2024 with the PS5 Slim . It's slimmer, compact, and still powerful like the 2020 model.

As always, Sony likes to slim down their consoles down the road. The PS5 Slim is about being smaller yet just as mighty as the original PS5 was. With its arrival, it brings not just a fix for the bulky design but also cool new stuff. This makes it a great pick for both new and old PlayStation 5 fans.

Introduction: The Arrival of the PS5 Slim

Sony is back with its latest offering, the PS5 Slim. It's a sleeker version of the beloved PS5. This new model aims to make gamers' dreams come true by being lighter, smaller, and just as powerful as before.

Sony's Tradition of Slimmer Console Revisions

Sony has always aimed to provide slimmer consoles mid-generation. This tradition began long ago with the PlayStation 2 Slim. Now, with the PS5 Slim, they continue this trend, making the PS5 easier to fit in your space.

Addressing Complaints about the Original PS5's Size

The original PS5 wowed everyone with its performance, but some found it too big. With the PS5 Slim, Sony is offering a smaller option.

This move caters to gamers wanting a console that doesn't take up much space. Despite its smaller size, the PS5 Slim matches the original's power. This makes it tempting for both old and new PlayStation fans.

Console Dimensions Weight
Original PS5 390 × 104 × 260 mm 4.5 kg
PS5 Slim 358 × 96 × 216 mm 3.2 kg

The table clearly shows the PS5 Slim's advantage. It's not just smaller, but it's also lighter. This reduction in size and weight proves that Sony listens to its fans. They're committed to creating a powerful yet convenient console.

PS5 Slim vs Original PS5 Pricing in Malaysia

PS5 Slim vs Original PS5 Pricing in Malaysia

Sony has kept the prices of the PS5 Slim the same as the original PS5 models in Malaysia. The PS5 Slim with a disc drive sells for RM2,499, while the digital-only version is priced at RM2,069.

Standard PS5 Slim vs. Original PS5

Both the PS5 Slim's disc edition and the original PS5 have the RM2,499 in Malaysia. This common price helps gamers decide. They can pick the slim and compact PS5 Slim or the original with no extra cost.

Digital Edition Pricing Conundrum

The digital-only PS5 Slim is priced at RM2,069, which is the same as the original PS5 digital edition after its price hike in August 2022. Although there is no price difference, the PS5 Slim comes with a larger 1TB SSD storage compared to the original PS5's 825GB.

Model Disc Edition Price Digital Edition Price Storage Capacity
PS5 Slim RM2,499 RM2,069 1TB SSD
Original PS5 RM2,499 RM2,069 825GB SSD

If you buy the digital-only PS5 Slim, you can later get a disk drive for RM529. This gives you the choice to play both digital and physical games. Also, Sony sells a new stand for the PS5 Slim at RM149.

Design and Dimensions: Compact Yet Substantial

The PS5 Slim is sleeker and more compact than the original PS5. It's about 30% smaller in total volume. Even with a smaller size, it's still bigger than the Xbox Series X . The disc version of the PS5 Slim measures 96mm x 358mm x 216mm. This shows a big cut in size from the original PS5.

Design Refinements in the PS5 Slim

The PS5 Slim has gotten a makeover from Sony. It features panels divided by a black stripe and finishes that switch between smooth and matte white. Plus, it looks more curved. All these changes make it cooler and more visually pleasing than the original PS5.

The Removable Disc Drive Option

The PS5 Slim's digital edition has a unique feature - a removable disc drive that can be attached separately. This optional disc drive accessory is priced at RM529 in Malaysia. It provides PS5 Slim digital edition owners the flexibility to enjoy both digital games and physical media.

This modular design also simplifies repairs. If the disc drive malfunctions, users can easily replace it themselves at home without needing to send the entire console in for servicing.

It's a convenient solution, although buying the digital edition PS5 Slim and the disc drive separately will cost RM99 more than purchasing the disc version of the PS5 Slim upfront.

Specification PS5 Slim Original PS5
Dimensions (Horizontal) 35.8 cm width, 9.7 cm height, 22.4 cm depth 39.0 cm width, 10.4 cm height, 25.9 cm depth
Weight 3.2 kg 4.5 kg
Storage 1TB 825GB
PS5 vs PS5 Slim: Internal Specifications

PS5 vs PS5 Slim: Internal Specifications

The new playstation 5 slim and the original playstation 5 have very similar parts inside. This means they both perform very well, giving gamers a great experience. They have the same amazing amd rdna 2 graphics card, 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 processor, and 16GB of GDDR6 RAM. So, the games look awesome and play smoothly, just like on the launch ps5.

Upgraded Storage Capacity

The ps5 slim has more storage than the original console. With a 1TB SSD, it beats the 825 GB SSD of the original. This means you can keep more games and stuff without filling up the space too fast.

Additional USB-C Port

There's a cool change on the ps5 slim. It has an extra USB-C port on the front, while the launch ps5 has USB-A. This is great because USB-C is the new standard, so you're set for the future with the ps5 slim.

Feature PS5 Slim Original PS5
Graphics Card AMD RDNA 2 AMD RDNA 2
CPU 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2
Storage 1TB SSD 825GB SSD
Front USB Ports 1 USB-C 1 USB-A

Even though the ps5 slim is smaller than the original ps5, it's just as strong inside. It keeps up the amazing gaming experience that players love.

Disc Drive Versatility: PS5 Slim's Advantage

One big feature of the new ps5 models is they come with an optional detachable disc drive for the ps5 slim models. Priced at RM529 in Malaysia, this accessory lets slim model owners choose between digital and physical media easily. This matches different gaming styles.

Optional Detachable Disc Drive

The slim model has two usb-c ports, which is better than the original ps5, which only had one usb-c port. This extra port improves connection options and makes adding the disc drive simpler.

If you like using physical discs, you can make the first ps5 digital edition work compatible with the ps5 slim disc model by adding the drive. This makes it easy to switch between digital and disc games. It also lets gamers sell their physical games later on if they want.

Repairability Benefits

The detachable disc drive can also help with repairs. If the drive stops working, owners can swap it out easily. They won't have to send the whole ps5 or ps5 slim in for repairs. This saves both time and money. Plus, it's better for the environment by cutting back on waste from replacing whole units.

The ps5 slim models are great for gamers who like digital or physical games thanks to the detachable disc drive. This unique feature makes the PS5 Slim stand out. It brings more options and easier repairs, making gaming better overall.

Console Covers and Customization Options

Console Covers and Customization Options

Just like the regular ps5, the cool ps5 slim versions work with many fun ps5 accessories. This lets players make their console look however they want.

These covers start at RM259 in Malaysia. They let you change how your system looks, moving away from the plain white. This is true no matter if it's the digital-only ps5 or the one with a disc drive. Sony has made 9 colors for their PS5 Console Covers to fit all tastes. This means your console can have a very unique style. Outside of Sony, brands like Dobewingdelou offer RGB faceplates with 400 lighting settings. They are making the customization options even more exciting.

Product Color Price
PS5 Console Covers Sterling Silver RM259
PS5 Digital Edition Covers Sterling Silver RM259
PS5 Slim Console Covers Midnight Black RM259
PS5 Console Covers Cosmic Red RM259

The new ps5 slim models have a faceplate design that's great for mixing colors. You can make your console truly yours by playing with different cover colors . For example, someone mixed Deep Earth red and blue covers to look like Mario. This shows how creative you can get with the two ps5 slim models.Some third-party faceplates do more than look good. They help keep your console cool when you play a lot . The MES Merry 5 in 1 Black Plates for the ps5 slim also let you swap covers easily. This way, you can change how your console looks anytime.

  1. Prioritize ventilation and cooling to keep the console cooler
  2. Explore the 9 different color options from Sony
  3. Mix and match third-party faceplates for truly unique looks
  4. Unleash your creativity with RGB lighting effects

The ps5 slim from Sony brings new life to customizing your console. Now, your gaming space can truly reflect who you are.

Choosing Between the PS5 and PS5 Slim

Choosing between the original PlayStation 5 (PS5) and the new slimmer PS5 is about picking what's best for you. The original PS5 has its charm, especially if you can get it at a good price or in a bundle. But for those wanting a smaller, more mobile option, the PS5 Slim is a great choice.

Reasons to Consider the Original PS5

The big size of the original PS5 is great for gamers who like its impressive look. It even comes with a stand for vertical setup, something you'd need to buy separately for the PS5 Slim. If you play a lot of discs, then the original PS5 disc edition is a good fit. It saves you from needing an extra detachable disc drive.

Advantages of the PS5 Slim

The PS5 Slim stands out for its smaller size, being about 30% smaller than the original. This makes it perfect for those with tight spaces or who prefer a sleek look. It also has more storage, 1TB, than the original, which has 825GB.

One great feature of the PS5 Slim is the optional detachable disc drive. This makes it possible to play both digital and physical games. Also, there's an extra USB-C port on the PS5 Slim for more connectivity options. The standard PS5 only has one USB-C port.

Feature Original PS5 PS5 Slim
Price (with disc drive) RM2,499 RM2,499
Price (digital-only) RM2,069 RM2,069
Size Standard 30% smaller
Storage 825GB SSD 1TB SSD
USB Ports 1 USB-C, 1 USB-A 2 USB-C
Detachable Disc Drive N/A Optional (RM529)

When deciding, think about what's most important to you. The PS5 Slim is great for its small size, more storage, and the option for a detachable disc drive. But, if you look for good deals or really like the original’s design, the standard PS5 might be the way to go. Especially if you find a good price for it.


The PS5 Slim from Sony brings gamers a more compact style. It also has more storage. This means you don't lose any fun features. Even though it's not a big change, its smaller size and better look are great for new users. The PS5 Slim Disc Edition has a big 1 TB of storage inside. So, there's plenty of space for all your games.

If you like the first PS5's look or see it at a lower price, it's a good choice. This is especially true for those who still use game discs. The PS5 Slim with a disc drive is as cheap as the original but looks different.

Both slim PS5 models let you dive into games in stunning 4K at up to 120 fps. The PS5 Slim digital edition costs the same RM2,069 as the original PS5 digital. But, it comes with a larger 1TB storage built-in that you can expand up to 4TB. So, you have plenty of room for your digital game library.

If you want a disc drive later, you can buy one separately for RM529. However, getting the PS5 Slim with disc drive bundle for RM2,499 saves you RM99 compared to buying them individually. The new PS5 Slim packs powerful gaming tech in a sleek design that's 30% smaller than the original.

Frequently Asked Questions about PS5

  1. What are the key differences between the PS5 Slim and the original PS5?
    The PS5 Slim is about 30% smaller in volume compared to the original PS5. It features a sleek, curved design with a split between glossy and matte white panels. The PS5 Slim also comes with an extra USB-C port on the front.
  2. How does the pricing of the PS5 Slim compare to the original PS5?
    The PS5 Slim is priced the same as the original PS5 models in Malaysia after the August 2022 price hike. The version with a disc drive costs RM2,499, while the digital-only model is priced at RM2,069
  3. Does the PS5 Slim offer the option for a detachable disc drive?
    The PS5 Slim digital edition offers the option to add a detachable disc drive later for RM529. This allows owners to play both digital and physical games by easily attaching or removing the drive. However, buying the digital edition and the disc drive separately costs RM99 more than the disc version bundle.
  4. Are the internal specifications of the PS5 Slim different from the original PS5?
    Inside, the PS5 Slim is much like the original PS5. They both have the AMD RDNA 2 graphics card. Also, an 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 processor and they share 16GB of GDDR6 RAM. This ensures they perform similarly.
  5. Does the PS5 Slim offer any advantages in terms of repairability?
    The PS5 Slim's removable disc drive might make it easier to fix. If the drive breaks, it can be replaced at home. No need to send the console for repairs.
  6. Can the PS5 Slim be customized with different console covers?
    Yep, the PS5 Slim can be personalized with various console covers. These covers cost RM259. They allow players to change the look of their console. This way, it stands out from the standard white design.
  7. When should I consider buying the original PS5 instead of the PS5 Slim?
    It's a good idea to go for the original PS5 if you find it on sale or in a bundle. Some prefer its larger, more striking look. It comes with a vertical stand. But, the PS5 Slim's smaller size and extra USB-C port are great. And the option for a detachable disc drive adds versatility and saves space.

Key Takeaways

  • The PS5 Slim offers a more compact design with a 30% reduction in total volume compared to the original PS5.
  • The new model features upgraded storage capacity with a 1TB SSD, a significant improvement over the 825GB SSD in the original console.
  • Sony has maintained the same pricing structure for the PS5 Slim, with the disc-drive version priced at RM2,499 and the digital edition at RM2,069.
  • While smaller than the original PS5, the Slim models are still larger than the Xbox Series X.
  • The PS5 Slim introduces the option to add a detachable disc drive for RM529, providing versatility for those who prefer physical media.

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