6 Easy Tips You Can Try to Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi6 Easy Tips You Can Try to Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi

6 Easy Tips You Can Try to Improve Your Home’s Wi-Fi

If we were to make a list of things that annoy us, slow internet would definitely be up there.


You wish to have a stable internet but do not want to subscribe to a new plan that might put a dent to your monthly budget.


So, to make things easier for you, we have decided to compile several ways to you can improve your Wi-Fi’s performance from home!

Move your router to an optimal placeMove your router to an optimal place

1. Move your router to an optimal place

This is the easiest method. All you need to do is move your router or modem closer to your device and you can expect to see growth in your connection.


Keep in mind that signal barriers like walls may also hinder your network’s connectivity. The best practice is to place your router in an area where there is less obstruction.


Suggested places would be the living room and try to refrain from placing your router in a room—especially if you’re living in a double storey house.

Ensure that you have the latest router modelEnsure that you have the latest router model

2. Ensure that you have the latest router model

Routers are constantly improving and its architecture and design will also be affected.


Normally, ISPs (Internet Service Provider) will offer a free upgrade or a small charge for a router change.


That said, we highly recommend calling your ISP’s customer service to enquire about a potential router upgrade.

Disconnect unused/idle devices from the internetDisconnect unused/idle devices from the internet

3. Disconnect unused/idle devices from the internet

Did you know that your idle devices connected to the Wi-Fi can hamper your router’s performance?


Having multiple devices connected to the router simultaneously can flood the network traffic for the worse.


Make it a habit to turn off the wi-fi for devices that you are not using. Usual culprits are SMART TVs and old mobile phones.


For instance, if you’re not using any online services on your SMART TV, you can go to the settings and disconnect the TV from the internet.

Replace your routerReplace your router

4. Replace your router

Earlier we mentioned getting the latest router from your ISP. While that may help, some ISP might not have a dedicated team in designing a good modern router.


What we recommend is using a router from brands like tp-link or HUAWEI. This is because, brands like these have a dedicated department that excels in telecommunication device.


Not saying that your ISP-based router is bad, but ISPs’ forte isn’t making devices but providing Internet services.

Use an ethernet cableUse an ethernet cable

5. Use an ethernet cable

This is method is for laptops and desktops.


If you’ve look behind or under—depending on model—of your router, you might’ve noticed several holes called “ports”.


By connecting an ethernet cable to the router, your wi-fi connection will change to LAN network connection. Sure, you are sacrificing the convenience of a wireless connection, but the speed difference between a LAN and a wireless connection is incomparable.


The best way to go at this is to see what you are using the internet for. If you’re just surfing the web and looking up information, the wi-fi might suffice.


On the other hand, if you are downloading large files or playing an online game where network latency is the difference between winning and losing, there’s no argument that an ethernet cable is imperative.

Consider a mesh wi-fiConsider a mesh wi-fi

6. Consider a mesh wi-fi

Let’s say you are bound on using a wireless connection or is facing internet issues while gaming on your mobile phone. The LAN cable is not an option here.


The mesh wi-fi might not be give speed a LAN network does, but it does help ease the traffic of your wi-fi connection.


In a way these mesh wi-fi devices serves as “nodes” and “extenders” for your main router which meant a more seamless internet roaming—this is exceptionally useful in floored buildings.

Having a stable internet connection is a must, since working from home has become a new norm—you wouldn’t want to be disconnected in the middle of a meeting.


And if you are apprehensive of stepping outside your internet plan, try out the methods above, we are sure they will remedy some of your connectivity issues.