Easy & Clean! Try These 6 Tips for a Clean Kitchen, Fast!

Cleaning your kitchen can sometimes feel like a hassle especially if you are not someone who is in the kitchen often. You feel like it’s a chore that is weighing down on you and you feel less likely to come in there in the future.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your kitchen and the appliances is an important task as it is the place in which we prepare and store most of our food and ingredients. Keeping it clean ensures food safety and also self-safety and others going in & out of the kitchen.

So let’s take a look at 6 Essential Kitchen Tips to make your life easier and safer!




One of the most annoying things about cleaning your kitchen is washing your dirty dishes. Especially after washing a ton of it, it tends to be clogged and slows down the draining process. Try pouring a small amount of dishwashing liquid, together with a bot of hot water, as it is used to eliminate grease that might have stayed on your sink drain or pipes. No more clogging!



After all the food residue goes into the drain, you can expect it to have an awful smell after some time. Get rid of the smell by using a homemade combination of baking soda & lemon!

First, pour hot water to flush your drain, next, pour in carefully a cup of baking soda. Finally, squeeze in a cup of lemon juice and wait for the magic to happen!


How do we clean our blenders efficiently and in a short amount of time? Well, start by filling your blender halfway up with warm water, then, a drop of dishwashing soap and start whizzing away. The blender will clean itself by then.
For tougher clumps and dull blades, add in a couple of drops of lemon juice or vinegar. That should do the trick!

Trust us on this one! By microwaving your sponge for 90 seconds on full power, you are more likely to eliminate bacteria up to 99 as mentioned in the Journal of Environmental Health!
Ensure that you don’t put the sponge in too long in the microwave as it may cause damage to your oven and ruin your sponge.


We all like to pile up on our plate & dishes and wait until it’s fully occupied when we use our dishwasher. But did you know, its cleaning effectiveness goes down significantly when we do it like this?

Set aside some room between the dishes to ensure that it is cleaned properly and you won't find stains or food bits on the plates & dishes!

Don’t underestimate how much timing will help you when you’re cleaning in the kitchen. Setting a timer can help you organize and do things in order. You wouldn’t be able to implement these kitchen tips if you don’t dedicate a certain timeframe to it.

With proper timing, you can best believe that you’ll do work more efficiently as supposed it to be a tiring chore.

Now with all the tips and tricks that we have shown in our list above, you should have a better experience when you’re in the kitchen, cleaning up after cooking!


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