Stuck at Home? 5 Awesome activities you can still do indoors!

These are bad times, no doubt. First it is the Australian fires and now a global pandemic that is limiting our movements to the outside world. Then again, we ARE in 2020 and luckily enough, we have the technological capability to entertain ourselves even indoors.

So what exactly are these boredom-killers? Stick around and find out!

Exercise indoors

1. Indoor Exercising

They say health makes wealth. This hasn’t held more truth, especially if we’re to look at the current health situation of the globe. While it is true that we’re all stuck indoors at the moment, there are still numerous methods where we can do our workout indoors. Yoga and Tabata are excellent home workouts that keeps not only your body but your mind in shape.

Plus, you can pair it up with some soothing or calming music to make the entire experience more serene as if you were transported to the Himalayan hills—a self-made wonderland.

Watching movies

2. Movies, Movies and Movies!

The term ‘potato couch’ has long been stigmatized but we figure that this time around, it is glorified to its peak! Netflix, Dimsum, you name it! It is truly time to test the limits of your TVs! Samsung and Sharp field some of the best screens in the market that will truly bring your movies to life!

Netflix currently has a series called Contagion which highlights the concept of pandemics and plagues, which is sort of mirroring the coronavirus outbreak. So if you’re in a loss on what to binge, do check it out as it is super relevant!

Reading improves knowledge

3. Read to Win

Let’s face it. We are most definitely not up there when it comes to reading. To be honest, most of us stop ever since we left our educational sphere. Trust us, reading does wonder on both an emotional scale and to your knowledge base.

If you’re finding it difficult to get a hold of physical books, try apps like Kindle that allows you to purchase and read books digitally. This is extremely environmental-friendly and convenient as you can access a library of books with the palm of your hands, or maybe fingers!

Shop online during the quarantine

4. Shopping

Kind of an odd one is it? Given that we are unable to venture the outside world. Well, these are the times where the e-commerce industry blooms the finest. Yes. The shopping we’re referring to is e-shopping where there vouchers and discounts flying around online.

Hence, even if you have nothing in particular that you want to get, you can go to any of these stores and check out their mind-boggling deals for what usually are labelled ‘premium products’! We are willing to bet that you will spend hours scrolling through the catalogues!Playing video games during the quaratine

5. Gaming

Parents screaming at their kids “Put that controller down and go outside and play” will probably need to take back their words now. If you haven’t notice, game servers like Steam have seen a huge spike in its user-base, so maybe now it is a golden opportunity for those fallen gamers to finally rise up again and get that laptop running again!

Summon your old gaming pals and form online squads and conquer games like PUBG, Dota2, League of Legends or Fortnite! You literally have a legitimate reason for spending your time on games, but we do also advise our beloved customers to maintain a balance of life and not game till they forget to shower or eat!


Ultimately, the end-goal of this article is to tell our customers that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Despite us stuck at home, there are still ways we could make our lifestyle interesting and beneficial. Stay strong and we’ll through this together!