10 Awesome Games for your Conventional Laptop

Bummed out from your continuous job or college assignments? Sometimes you just want to sit back and unwind, free from your social and job obligations for the moment. Many resort to gaming as a form of stress relief, but there is a problem though.

Do you have the right and ample rig to handle high-end games like Sekiro-Shadows Die Twice or the latest Grand Theft Auto?

Fortunately, there are still a huge amount of underrated games out there that you can run even on a potato. These games are less hardware-demanding as their graphics and CPU usage are kept at an optimum level.

That being said, these games possess the quality and punch to give the ‘big-boy’ games a run for their money.

*This list is strictly opinion-based and serves only as a form of recommendation. The games listed are in no particular order/ranking

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1. Stardew Valley (2016)

Developer: ConcernedApe
Genre: Farming, Role-playing, Simulation

Everyone knows Natsume’s legendary Harvest Moon series. The super-innocent farming adventure was eccentrically enjoyable and we just couldn’t get our hand off those consoles despite doing the same routine over and over again!

Looking for a retro remake of the game with a TON of additional content? If that is so then ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley is your poison.

The characters are stunningly designed with their personalities and attitude changing as the game progresses. While it retains a lot of qualities of the Harvest Moon games, it also addresses a lot if its shortcomings. For instance, Stardew Valley has better game mechanics and so to say more rooted in terms of actual farming.

Music-wise, the soundtracks were oddly reminiscent with its serene and quiet ambience. Combine that with its gameplay, players are in for a calming and soothing gaming experience.

Basically any laptop starting from an i3 processor with a 2GB RAM can manage this game perfectly.

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2. Brawlhalla (2015)

Developer: Blue Mammoth Games, Xaviant
Genre: Fighting

Unique characters, decent skill ceiling to keep avid gamers excited. While Brawlhalla encourages players to gather friends and peers to go on an all-out brawl, this jumble-fest game offers users the option to go on a solo challenge towards the leaderboard.

The game design and concept are parallel to the Digimon Rumble Arena series where they pit multiple players together and basically beat each other up to determine who is the last one standing. A generic concept sure, but it’s downright addicting.

With multiple characters to choose from, you are bound to find yourself experimenting on different movesets and combos, each unique to its character. Note that, you do have to pay to have access to all of the characters but has a weekly rotation system that allows even free-to-play users to have an overall feel to the entire character roster.

Similarly, any laptop starting from an i3 processor with a 2GB RAM can manage this game smoothly, but if you’re aiming for the best settings and performance levels, we highly recommend a device sitting on an i5 processor at least a 4GB RAM.

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3. Tricky Towers (2016)

Developer: WeirdBeard
Genre: Puzzle

We were all devastated when Tetris Battle and Tetris Friends announced their departure in 2019. The memories of us challenging our friends into teeth-clenching duels are is still fresh in our minds, and when Tetris Online Inc hammered the last nail on the coffin for our Tetris dreams, it is believed that all is lost. But fret not, as Tricky Towers is here to save the day!

While it’s not exactly Tetris, the concept is there. The block patterns are similar but the playstyle changes. While the technical goal for the original Tetris ultimately was to clear lines and gain points, Tricky Towers introduces stability as its engine and motive.

As such, players are required to build the highest tower possible with these Tetris blocks, making sure that the base is stable enough and that your magical skyscraper doesn’t collapse off the sky!

Beautifully colored and exciting in its gameplay, this game can run on any modern laptops in the current market.

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4. Child of Light (2014)

Developer: Ubisoft
Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Turn-based

Visually captivating and flourished in its story. Child of Light is an aesthetic take to the RPG genre with its water-painted design and haunting soundtrack.

Playing as a young girl named Aurora, you are tasked with recovering the Sun, Moon and the Stars from the villainous Queen of the Night. Throughout the course of the game, you will meet intriguing characters where some will assist you in battles that are based on your traditional turn-based RPG system.

It’s immersive, mesmerizing and enthralling. Despite the solemn outlook of the game, the theme directs itself at a very optimistic route. Thus, what one can expect is a form of juxtaposition within the game’s bright main character and the dark theme of the story. Gamers that fall on the artistic spectrum will definitely fall in love with this one.

For this game to run flawlessly, make sure you have at least an i3 processor with a minimum graphics card from either the Nvidia GeForce series or the AMD Radeon series. Recommended RAM is 4GB or above.

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5. Life is Strange (2015)

Developer: DONTNOD Entertainment
Genre: Slice of life, Indie, Choice-based

Life is Strange is quite literally a ride on the ‘feels’ train. Winning multiple game awards, Life is Strange do lives up to its reputation. Set at your average American high school, the game centers around Max Caulfield and her friend, Chloe and their forays to discover something sinister that is lurking behind their school.

Filled with angst, conflict and split-decisions, this game puts its players to the edge that it is so surreal making one into believing that they are not actually playing a game but living within it. Amplify that with a barrage of awesome obscure indie music, the scenes and gameplay are elevated to another level that leaves the players beautifully dazed.

Segmented into five episodes, this game is paced properly with its immaculate storytelling. We can’t really dwell too much into the game as we’re afraid of spoiling the fun. Yes, this game is so plot-enriched that even the tiniest of details can be a crucial spoiler to the whole experience.

Laptops that have at least an i3 processor with a dedicated graphics card and 4GB RAM can run this game at an optimum level. The first episode of this game is available for FREE on Steam.

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6. Moonlighter (2018)

Developer: Digital Sun
Genre: Action, RPG

A daytime merchant and a valiant explorer/forager at night. Moonlighter tests both your business wits and adventure skills. Designed to be a retro-like game, the eccentric playstyle is unique and different than most games of a similar genre.

With different dungeons to conquer and a huge variety of equipment to upgrade, players will be pushed into a rabbit hole of doing the same thing over and over again, but honestly fulfilling. If one was to draw reference to another game, the one that comes to mind would be the Zelda series. The dungeon crawling experience and its gameplay is very similar with Moonlighter delivers a more ‘open-world’ vibe than the former.

Hence, Moonlighter is rewarding in the sense that you can see both your character and your business grow from scratch. The feeling of overcoming different challenges through different variants of dungeons, the satisfaction of beating this game is euphoric and accomplished.

The requirement for this game is more or less similar to Stardew Valley, a laptop geared with an i3 processor and a GPU that supports pixel shading is more than enough to run this game.

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7. Oxygen Not Included (2017)

Developer: Klei Entertainment
Genre: Survival, Indie

Want a cuter, less resource taxing version of Fallout?

When we mention cuter, it’s basically JUST the outlook. The characters and colors are vivid and appear to be something expected from CartoonNetwork. Trust us; this is all just a façade for something mockingly morbid.

At least it’s morbidly fun. The objective of this game is to build a space-colony where there are deprived of oxygen. Almost EVERYTHING is interconnected and can be detrimental to your colony’s survival. Therefore, players must consider every miniature of details like resources and equipment which are scarce.

It’s fun, challenging and bone-gripping. Most of the time you’ll find yourself raging at fails and losses but that is what makes this game that much enjoyable. Beer tastes sweeter after a day’s hard work right?

The PC requirements for this game are not demanding, for it only expects you to have at least an i3 processor with 2GB RAM, but we recommend 4GB for a more seamless game performance.

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8. Hollow Knight (2017)

Developer: Team Cherry
Genre: Action

There is one core that separates a good platformer and an excellent platformer. The crux concept that we’re referring to is ‘creativity’.

Take the Mario series success as an example. Miyamoto was truly ahead of its time where the concept of his game is super-generic, an Italian plumber jumping collecting coins. By altering each stage of his game to be theme-driven with different challenges, he is able to change what appears to be mundane into something addictive.

This can also be said for Hollow Knight. The game is generic in a sense that you defeat monsters, earn points for upgrades and that’s about it. What is then so unique about Hollow Knight?

In this game, you are thrown into countless fights and many of these fights have jarring differences. Some require you to be quick on your reflexes while others necessitate impeccable timing. Be well prepared to spend hours and hours of your life devoted to beating all of the game bosses, because they’re extremely difficult to conquer.

Additionally, the game as a great dark ambience to it, its eccentric-like characters is aesthetically brilliant and atmospheric. Laptops with a 4GB RAM, i5 processor and a dedicated graphics card can run this game without a hitch.

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9. Slay the Spire (2017)

Developer: Mega Crit Games
Genre: Card, Dungeon Crawling

Do you like Hearthstone? You can think of Slay the Spire as the single-player RPG version of it.

As most card games function, Slay the Spire requires you to be sound in your decision-making and management skills. Thrown into a randomly generated dungeon, the player would then face-off against creatures and mini-bosses to reach the end.

A large chunk of your actions are determined by the cards you’ve selected and forged. The gameplay is thought-provoking and deeply immersive and you can easily find yourself stuck in the same stage for days, but we guarantee you that you will have a whole lot of fun (and anger) going throughout this game.

Graphics card that can support OpenGL with an i3 processor minimum 2GB RAM can run this game.

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10. The Wolf Among Us (2013)

Developer: Telltale Games
Genre: Choice-based, Story

We all love our fairy tales. Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and The Red Riding Hood. Imagine them all morphed into one single universe and timeline with a more gritty and murky outlook to it.

Wearing the shoes of Bigby the Big Bad Wolf, you are the sheriff of Fabletown and are tasked to uncover a murder that will lead to a series of horrible events.

There isn’t many real-time actions in this game, where most of the time you will be engrossed by the storyline, figuring out who the mastermind is.

Fielding in a huge variety of characters that we’ve known throughout our childhood, the way they morphed and altered their personality is mind-blowing. Pitting them in this complex chain of plot and murder makes the game even more intriguing and mysterious.

To run this game, you will need just a minimum i3 processor and a dedicated graphics card with 4GB RAM.

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